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Medical Cannabis for Fibromyalgia – The Medical Study That Changed Everything

     Posted on: March 29, 2020

Medical Cannabis Is Excellent For Fibromyalgia Treatment Fibromyalgia is a very painful disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal discomfort. Apart from a chronic pain sensation, it also includes sleep, fatigue, memory and mood issues. It is then just logical to think that a person suffering from fibromyalgia would look into alternative…

Weed Talk NOW – 10 Cannabis Topics in 10 Minutes

     Posted on: March 29, 2020

Pro Cannabis Media and will be presenting a Weed Talk Live NOW, a shorter version of our monthly show, to go over cannabis topics from around the country![embedded content] Jimmy Young: Hi everyone. Welcome to Weed Talk Now. I'm Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media. Curt Dalton: I'm Curt…

Plants are Alive and Listening So What if Your Weed was Conscious?

     Posted on: March 28, 2020

Ganja Theories: What if your weed was conscious? People think they have a clear grip of what reality really is. Before – most people on earth would have said that “God” or “The Gods” created everything and that “intelligent design” was at the origin of it all. Then Nietzsche famously…

From the Neck Up – How Cannabis Affects Your Brain

     Posted on: March 28, 2020

How Cannabis Affects Your Brain? Comparative research is showing that cannabis provides several advantages that support brain functioning. During the treatment of many diseases, you can see the potential benefits of cannabis, given that almost all organs and systems are areas sensitive to their active substances. This article is going…

Colorado dispensaries say coronavirus pandemic is making case for marijuana delivery

     Posted on: March 28, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts daily life and commerce in Colorado, many in the state’s marijuana industry believe it makes the case for allowing dispensaries to begin delivering to customers’ homes now. Legislators legalized cannabis delivery with the passage of House Bill 1234 in 2019. The law permits medical marijuana deliveries…

Can Cannabis Help Amino Acid Metabolism Disorder PKU?

     Posted on: March 27, 2020

Can Cannabis Help Amino Acid Metabolism Disorder PKU? The tongue twister Phenylketonuria, or better known and PKU, is an uncommon inherited disorder that is already present at birth. Many countries, the US included screen newborns soon after birth to recognize PKU. The sooner it is identified, the better as major…

10 Amazing Ways Cannabis Can Prevent Illness and Slow Disease

     Posted on: March 27, 2020

10 Amazing Ways Cannabis Can Prevent Illness and Slow Diesease We’ve all heard about the many health benefits of cannabis. Amid the current global pandemic of COVID-19, now, more than ever, people all over the world can benefit from boosting their immune systems and making sure they’re healthy and able…

5 Reasons to Use Essential Oils with Your Cannabis

     Posted on: March 26, 2020

5 Important Reasons to Use Essential Oils A lot of people are unfamiliar with the benefits that essential oils can give the human body.  You should know those benefits and use them for your own purposes, such as relieving stress, anciety, improving skin and lung health, and creating a better…

5 Facts All Men Should Know About Cannabis and Testosterone

     Posted on: March 25, 2020

5 Facts Men Must Know About Cannabis And Testosterone The interaction of Cannabis with the endocannabinoid system in the body initiates several chemical reactions that help bring balance and harmony. Cannabis is rapidly becoming a component of the medical world for healing various ailments. Expanding research in the segment has…