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Washington State: Attorney General’s Office Coughs Up $110,000 Grant To Educate Doctors About Medical Marijuana

November 1, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Weed - Washington State: Attorney General’s Office Coughs Up $  110,000 Grant To Educate Doctors About Medical Marijuana

Strange how fast things change…one minute being found gay and smoking a joint would have been a cop’s wet dream — first Jail, then a healthy beating. Now, weed is legal in two states (same-sex marriage is legal in 13). And in one state their AG just kicked down $ 110k to teach doctors how good pot’s cannabinoids are for you… GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Proving it’s a new day, the Washington State Attorney General’s office demonstrated their was no ill will between themselves  and the states MMJ community when the recently gave a somewhat surprising $ 110,000 grant, related to the states marijuana issues. The states new green grant however is not looking to curb Reefer Madness, rather their $ 110k will be helping doctors and other health care providers gain an elevated understanding of the plants many active cannabinoids – and how they help mange pain.

The Seattle Weekly laughing asks,”Who even knew the AG’s office gave out grants?”  For pot education…I didn’t? And all I do is read about this stuff. Well, maybe I did and I just forgot -  it’s always a possibility. In any event, they do. The cash is generated as “fines and penalties” by a state program that dispenses funds ” soaked from Big business, via consumer protection litigation blood sucking attorneys . While those state funds were supposed to help “victims,” in some cases those victims were hard to track down…so the AG’s office found other “worthy recipients.” That’s us, worthy recipients.

Our benefactor in this case was medical marijuanas’ arch enemy, Pfizer;

Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that he and 33 other state attorneys general reached a $ 42.9 million settlement with Pfizer Inc. to resolve allegations that the company unlawfully promoted its drugs, Zyvox and Lyrica.

“Pfizer’s claims about Zyvox and Lyrica were not supported by scientific evidence,” said McKenna. “Pfizer’s marketing of these drugs was deceptive. They misled healthcare providers and unfairly competed with companies playing by the rules.”

The attorneys general allege that Pfizer engaged in unfair and deceptive practices by making misleading and unsubstantiated claims about the drugs’ superiority to similar, better-known drugs. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Zyvox to treat, among other conditions, pneumonia and skin infections caused by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Pfizer promoted Zyvox as superior to Vancomycin, an effective and well-known MRSA drug. Lyrica is FDA-approved for seizure control and nerve pain in diabetics, among other illnesses. Pfizer marketed the drug as a more potent successor to Neurontin, another drug that has been used effectively for years.”

Always ready for a little cash infusion, the good people over at the University of Washington’s Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI), bellied up to the trough of corporate malfeasance and applied for their fair share of the state’s $ 1 million stash of big pharma’s cash.

The Weekly noted that;

“The institute proposed using the hoped-for grant to train doctors, nurses, naturopaths and other healthcare providers how to use marijuana in a way that scientific research supports.”

The ADAI claims to provide a different lens for viewing the problem of this “highly-polarized debate,” one in which marijuana research and those who speak of it in a positive light, are barked at by the rabid watch dogs of the AMA and Big Pharm who smirk while people suffer – laughing at the very suggestion that marijuana’s cannabinoids have any value and that medical cannabis is just a tree hugging travesty, brought on by the marijuana legalization community.


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