5 Low Odor Cannabis Strains For Stealthy Indoor Growing

5 Low Odor Cannabis Strains For Stealthy Indoor Growing


Do you have nosy neighbors? Or do you just want to avoid any suspicion whatsoever that you are growing cannabis?

Whatever your reason is for requiring stealthy strains, we hear you. Growing your own medicine is rewarding, but it’s all fun and games until your neighbors start to get up in your business. There are many ways you can disguise the odor of your grow, but it’s always smart to start with the least dank strains for maximum discretion.

We’ve got your back. Check out these cannabis strains that are low odor but high in potency and therapeutic benefits!

durban poison

  1. Durban Poison: Durban Poison is a pure sativa landrace strain hailing from South Africa. Generally described as strong and potent, Durban Poison provides an upbeat, energetic high perfect for daytime use recreationally or medicinally. Growing Durban Poison is a top choice among stealth growers because it produces almost no smell. Additionally, Durban Poison has gained the reputation of being extremely resilient to all kinds of weather whether warm or cold. However, once cured, its aroma can be described as similar to that of anise – delicious! Durban Poison is used to treat pain, stress, depression, fatigue, and headaches. As a bonus, Durban Poison also makes for a terrific parent to other plants.

jack herer strain

  1. Jack Herer: Named after a famous cannabis activist and the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Jack Herer is a popular strain that is well-known for the cerebral invigoration it offers combined with blissful feelings and a clear-headed high. It’s no wonder that Jack Herer is a favorite among creative types. Growing Jack Herer indoors means waiting around 50 to 70 days for it to flower, but this low-odor strain is extremely rewarding to cultivate on your own. Jack Herer is also ideal for hydroponic growing, although it’s known to be bushy so ensure that your plants have enough spacing. It has important medicinal benefits, too: patients use Jack Herer to fight fatigue and depression. It’s also beneficial for treating stress, lack of appetite, and pain.

kali mist strain

  1. Kali Mist: Another uplifting sativa, Kali Mist has potent energizing properties that may even do a better job of waking you up than coffee. Kali Mist has distinct, powerful psychoactive effects which offer a soft high, allowing you to experience euphoria but still being productive. It does well when grown indoors, especially if you give her space and use the proper equipment. Kali Mist is widely used for the treatment of anxiety, fatigue, pain, and depression. Indoor growers will love the fact that Kali Mist has a low odor, but she grows really well indoors even if she takes a long time to flower.

white rhino strain

  1. White Rhino: White Rhino is the result of breeding the famous White Widow with an unknown American strain. Despite its mysterious genetics, White Rhino is one of the best indica strains out there, plus it grows best indoors especially in a well-controlled environment with consistent day and night temperatures. It contains very high THC levels that deliver a strong happy yet relaxed high, felt from head down to your toes. White Rhino does a good job at knocking you out, making it suitable for evening or bedtime medication. White Rhino is commonly used to treat pain and inflammation, as well as a lack of appetite (beware of the munchies!), stress, pain, and depression.

northern lights

  1. Northern Lights: One of the most popular strains worldwide on this list, Northern Lights is a strain you can’t go wrong growing and using. Northern Lights is a classic indica that does so well indoors because, well, it was bred to thrive indoors. Northern Lights doesn’t just have a low odor, it’s also a hardy and resilient strain, and one that flowers quickly. Northern Lights won’t disappoint you – with THC levels reaching from 16 to 26% on average, this strain packs a punch. After curing, her buds have a delightful piney aroma with a hint of citrus that makes it a pleasure to medicate with. Aside from that, Northern Lights is a favorite among users worldwide for the relaxing body high it gives. It’s a fast-acting painkiller and sedative, and has been used to treat insomnia, pain, anxiety, depression, stress, and muscle spasms.







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