Can You Hallucinate with Cannabis and What’s Greening Out?

Can You Hallucinate with Cannabis and What’s Greening Out?

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With cannabis becoming more prevalent in society, people will be trying cannabis at higher rates in the near future. In fact, use rates amongst adults have grown significantly over the past few years. This is why cannabis education is becoming more important to help guide newcomer consumers within the realm of marijuana to have a positive experience.

Today we’ll be talking about two major talking points; Can cannabis cause hallucinations and the Phenomena known as Greening out.

While there are some cross-over points when talking about these two issues, they are in fact completely different.

Let’s talk about Hallucinations first.

Can Cannabis Cause Hallucinations

While some of you might think that it’s impossible to hallucinate with marijuana, you’d be wrong. You can definitely hallucinate on cannabis. There are two different variants of hallucinations derived from cannabis – Hallucinations and Allusions.

The difference between these extra-sensorial experiences are quite vast. An hallucination manifests itself in a visual experience that your mind’s eye can actually see superimposed over reality. An allusion on the other hand usually manifests itself in an auditory blip that seeps into the realm of reality.

For instance, you’d be hallucinating if you see a green gnome smoking a pipe eyeballing you all night. You know that the gnome doesn’t exist…but you can see it. The Allusion would be more like hearing a distant echo calling out your name or a drum roll in the roof.

Both of these are possible with cannabis. Hallucinations however require high doses of THC to occur. It’s almost impossible to hallucinate from smoking weed alone, although it is possible depending on the potency of the weed you’re smoking.

Most of the time users experience hallucinations are because of edibles. The reason why is due to what the liver does to THC when its being processed turning it from THCa to 11-Hydroxy-THC. 11-Hydroxy-THC is 10 times more potent than Delta-9-THC (what you get when you smoke it)

Typically, people don’t measure themselves when eating weed and overconsume. Suddenly their system is flooded with this highly potent form of THC which ultimately sends them into a hallucinogenic state. The hallucinogenic state usually isn’t too “pleasant” either. It’s a wild ride that lasts for a few hours.

The allusion can occur by simply smoking and is not so invasive as the hallucinogenic state of cannabis. This usually lasts for only a few minutes before dissipating entirely.

What’s Greening Out?

Greening Out is something that happens when you mix alcohol and cannabis. When one ‘Greens out”, they are sent into a pseudo-hallucinogenic state mixed with a heavy drunk. Definitely not a pleasant experience.

The first thing you’ll feel is dizziness and probably nausea. Eventually, you’ll migrate to the bathroom where you’ll probably vomit your guts out for a good one to two hours. After you’re done expelling everything from your system, you’ll feel a serious heaviness and have a strong inclination to lie down flat.

It’s also important to note that Greening Out depends on which of the two substances you take first. For instance, smoking marijuana first and then having a drink probably won’t send you to the “green out”, however drinking first and then smoking cannabis might.

A recent study found that this might be because of the way THC interacts with our endocannabinoid receptors.

When you smoke cannabis, certain Cannabinoid Receptors are activated that actually helps to regulate the blood-alcohol level in your body. Conversely, when you drink first, the cannabinoid receptors are more susceptible to THC, meaning you get larger doses than you anticipate. In fact, since there is heavy liver activity occurring when you’re drinking…some of it gets turned to 11-Hydroxy-THC.

Suddenly, your system is overwhelmed by the mixture of both substances and you…well…Green Out!

Why Education is Key

Cannabis is just stepping into the light out of obscurity. It’s important to provide relevant information/education about consumption practices because more people will be trying it for the first time.

They might not be aware of the physiological aspects of mixing substances like alcohol and marijuana. Fortunately, most people who smoke marijuana tend to not like alcohol as much. I know from personal experience that I almost completely substituted my alcohol intake with cannabis intake and I’m happier for it.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t like to mix it every now and then. A joint and a glass of wine go together quite nicely. However, understanding the physiological processes involved when mixing these substances, I now know my limits.

Of course, I first had to green out several times before I understood the lesson, but I’m hoping that this article can help future consumers not pass through the same “Green Out Doors” that I had to experience first-hand. It’s definitely not something that you want to have happen to you.

So can you hallucinate? – Yes

What is Greening Out – Something you definitely don’t want happening to you!







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