Cannabis And Hemp Business Accelerator Bringing Ancillary Cannabiz To The East Coast

marijuana cash industry bankingI received the following press release and am passing it along. I know there are a lot of people out there that are looking for help growing their business:

Monday, September 21st Greenhouse Ventures (GHV) – a business accelerator driving ancillary startups in the cannabis and hemp industries – launched its pilot semester with three ancillary startups. Located in Philadelphia, PA, GHV is working to bring best practices in the cannabis industry from the West Coast to the East.

GHV will be hosting its first Demo Day in Philadelphia on December 5th, where it will be introducing ventures working in the financial tech, e-commerce/ad tech, and B2C sales verticals. On this day, GHV companies will have the opportunity to publicly exhibit their products/services to the general public as well as privately pitch a room of Angel and VC investors.

With the cannabis industry booming in states like Colorado, Washington, California, and Oregon the opportunity to bring Cannabiz to the East Coast is more possible than ever.  GHV is poised to be an industry leader.

“We at GHV are bringing best practices while aligning ourselves with the most talented and reputable firms in the industry. We have identified knowledge, talent and capital gaps in the cannabis industry. We are excited to be a part of the solution, along with the experts on our mentor board, in helping to establish best practices for the blossoming east coast market.” – GHV Founder, Tyler Dautrich

To help bring the cannabiz knowledge and expertise to the East Coast, GHV is working with a range of industry experts and serial entrepreneurs that act as mentors for the companies going through the program.  They include; Lindy Snider from Lindi Skin, Scott Greiper from Viridian Capital, Douglas Leighton from Dutchess Capital, Jazmin Hupp from Women Grow, and Jim Fitzpatrick from Kodiak Capital have all joined the GHV Mentor Community. For a full list of GHV mentors, view the GHV website http://

About Greenhouse Ventures: GHV, through a ten-week curriculum-based program, teaches startups how to build a sustainable business model while best positioning them to fundraise up to $ 2M in seed or growth capital. During the accelerator, cannabis industry experts and serial entrepreneurs mentor our startups to prepare them for “Demo Day”, where companies receive the opportunity to publically pitch investors, donors, and lenders in an effort to secure funding, customers, and advisors. Ancillary products and services that are accepted include, but are not limited to: software, technology, hydroponics, growing equipment, paraphernalia, and packaging.  If you are interested in learning more about GHV and their accelerator, you can reach them at

Contact: Tyler Dautrich, Greenhouse Ventures


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