Cannabis Strains For Scleroderma

Cannabis Strains For Scleroderma


Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that affects the connective tissue.

This condition is characterized by thickened, scarring skin; other symptoms may include blood vessel problems, pain, inflammation, and a highly active immune system. Scleroderma comes in many forms, sometimes it only affects the skin while in other cases it damages the internal organs, digestive tract, and blood vessels. The symptoms vary, depending on which body parts are affected.

Various treatments and medications may be prescribed to control the symptoms of scleroderma. However, many patients find no relief from medications, and can end up compromising their quality of life – especially in severe cases. Without proper treatment and medical attention, scleroderma may lead to complications affecting other parts of the body. These include: permanently restricted blood flow to tissue in the fingertips, chronic pain, skin sores, gangrene and amputation, scarring of lung tissue, inability to breathe, high blood pressure, renal crisis, rapid kidney failure, congestive heart failure, pericarditis, and more.

There are dozens of pharmaceutical medications that doctors may recommend to treat various symptoms of scleroderma. But many of them may result in harmful side effects. Cannabis can be used complementarily with medications to speed up healing while helping manage other side effects of scleroderma.

harlequin strain

  1. Harlequin is an excellent strain that will effectively reduce the inflammation associated with scleroderma. Harlequin is an energizing sativa with a low THC content and as much as 11% CBD, making it one of the most potent strains for a wide range of medical conditions. Many patients turn to Harlequin to treat pain whether mild or acute, making it ideal for patients who are suffering from pain. It helps numb the pain as you medicate, making it easier to do your daily tasks and stay productive. As a bonus, Harlequin also won’t get you high because of its high CBD content; this strain is recommended for patients who want the medicinal benefits without the buzz.

skywalker strain

  1. Skywalker packs a punch when it comes to killing pain and insomnia at the same time, two conditions that affect scleroderma patients. It can be difficult to get a good night’s rest given the symptoms presented by this condition, but Skywalker will safely and effectively help you. Skywalker is loved by patients because it is incredibly relaxing; it can also help you manage the stress and depression that comes with a scleroderma diagnosis. Skywalker is a potent strain, with THC levels often reaching as much as 20%.

white rhino strain

  1. White Rhino is a great hybrid for patients who struggle with breathing problems caused by scleroderma. It’s also an excellent strain to rev up your appetite, giving you the motivation to eat food that is needed to nourish the body for healing. White Rhino is one of the most popular strains for its medicinal value, renowned for its potency. If you are suffering from emotional distress due to scleroderma, White Rhino does a great job at knocking out stress and anxiety. It’s typically tests at above 22% THC so medicate at small doses until you’re used to it.

ak47 cannabis strain

  1. AK47 is the strain for you if you are suffering from debilitating chronic pain. But don’t let its intense name scary you, AK47 delivers a mellow, relaxing high that enables you to function with mental alertness, even if you have to attend social activities. It’s a well-balanced strain with notable complex flavors as well as effects that pain patients find beneficial. It’s no surprise that AK47 has received several Cannabis Cup awards internationally. AK47 can also be used to treat insomnia, lack of appetite, and depression.

blue dream strain

  1. Blue Dream is an extremely versatile strain, but one that should be on everyone’s medical cabinet. That’s because Blue Dream’s therapeutic effects are so useful, especially if you have scleroderma. This sativa-dominant hybrid delivers full-body relaxation, gentle mental invigoration, and an all-around soothing buzz. Some phenotypes are more indica-dominant, but whichever you get, you will definitely appreciate its healing properties. Most patients find Blue Dream useful for treating pain, headaches, and depression. But it’s medicinal properties are not limited to that, it can also be used for anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Have you used cannabis to treat scleroderma? What strains have worked for you?







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Cannabis Strains For Scleroderma
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