Could Cannabis Help You Lose Weight?

cannabis for dieting

There are few words as iconic among marijuana users as the term “munchies”. Vice’s food-orientated YouTube channel is even named after it. Even if you haven’t ever had marijuana before, chances are someone you know has told you about an experience with the munchies. The munchies refer to an increased desire to eat after the consumption of marijuana. When you picture the stereotypical stoner type then a pizza munching couch potato may come to mind. But despite marijuana users claiming to experience an enormous appetite after smoking, cannabis is showing potential in supporting weight loss. Yes, you heard us right! Against all of the odds, light is being shed on the dated munchies misconceptions. While most of the public resorts to supplements such as Research Verified Garcinia Cambogia to stimulate the weight loss process, many may consider turning to cannabis in the near future. Allow us to explain why.

Munchies Misconception

If you have experienced it yourself or know of someone who has, it is really hard to deny the increased appetite that comes with cannabis. There is truth in the reports that food becomes more appealing and the desire to eat increases. After all, cannabis has been used to encourage the appetites of individuals suffering from AIDS and cancer. The use of cannabis allows them to minimize symptoms of nausea and receive vital nutrients. However, this increase in appetite is largely a psychological symptom of cannabis. It is a feeling rather than a physical reaction. In fact, research suggests that the consumption of cannabis does not affect the hunger triggering receptors in our brains. Rather, we become more sensitive to the sensory experience of eating. Cannabis makes this experience more appealing which, in turn, makes us crave food more. But, not all that take cannabis feel the same way. Some individuals don’t eat while on it. Furthermore, there is growing research into cannabis as an appetite suppressant.

New Findings

Studies suggest that even in the case of cannabis encouraging the appetite, people that consume it are less likely to suffer from obesity and weight gain. Further studies indicate that marijuana users show slimmer waistlines and lower cholesterol levels. But what is the reason for this? Researchers found that the use of THC positively impacted the gut microbiome and, thus, regulated weight loss and improved digestion. While the evidence is not entirely conclusive, it does bode well for the use of cannabis for weight loss.

According to Medical Jane, Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv) (as opposed to THC) is a part of the marijuana plant that suppresses the appetite rather than increasing it. The website makes the following statement; “THCV is psychoactive, but causes more of a psychedelic, clear-headed effect. It causes the effects of THC to hit you more rapidly, and some think it could be the reason for those ‘1 hitter quitter’ strains.” In this way, it may encourage the direct influence of THC over the digestion and body weight loss protocols.

Added Benefit

An added weight loss supporting benefit of cannabis is its ability to reduce anxiety among individuals. Stress is one of the primary contributors to weight gain. Constant pressure and anxiety lead to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Stress can also impact your ability to go to the gym. The stress hormone cortisol is responsible for these negative impacts. It’s mainly responsible for raising your blood pressure during periods of stress. This can lead to major health risks, such as weight gain. THC is a chemical in cannabis responsible for instilling feelings of relaxation. It combats stress and therefore may inhibit weight gain as a result.

But, Remember This!

Despite the growing evidence supporting its weight loss potential, cannabis is not a total remedy for obesity. The mechanisms of specific cannabis strains merely encourage bodily functions which can lead to weight loss. In saying so, it is essential that you combine regular exercise and healthy eating habits with cannabis consumption if you choose to do so. This will help you fast-track your fitness goals.

As we have mentioned, evidence surrounding the use of cannabis for weight loss is not conclusive. There is still much research to be done in this field. However, the current studies provide confidence in its ability to support a healthy lifestyle. By combining cannabis to your exercise and eating routine, you may experience weight loss faster.







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