Guide to the 10 Best Cannabis Strains on the Market Today

An expository guide on the best ten marijuana strains available on the market today

best marijuana strains on the market

The marijuana world has expanded immensely over the last decade. Cannabis cultivation, sale, cannabis tourism, cannabis products manufacturing, and so many other aspects of the cannabis industry have risen to incredible heights. And with every passing year, millions of people jump on the cannabis train. The growth of the cannabis industry is unbelievably rapid but with immense growth comes the excessive influx of sub-standard products. The cannabis market is filled with lots of sub-standard products, results of the actions of vultures who see the booming cannabis industry only as a means to an end, evil people who litter the internet with loads of unverified, false information and claims about the industry. The state of things in the cannabis industry has left lots of consumers confused about what to buy, or believe. These, among many others, are the primary reason why this article will be centered on the detailed analysis of the best ten marijuana strains available in the market today.

The best ten marijuana strains available

All marijuana strains are classified under three major sub-species Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis.

Sativa – This is a very common cannabis strain used majorly for its psychoactive properties (due to high THC levels) and its unique pain-relieving capabilities. This strain originated from South America and is well suited to warmer environments. It should also be noted that due to impressive advances in science and technology we now have hybrid strains of Sativa.

Indica – The Indica is a strain of middle eastern origin and unlike Sativa is more suited to colder environmental conditions. It has been shown to possess pain-relieving capabilities but is more known for its unique relaxation attributes. Due to its appreciable levels of CBD and THC, it’s also a potent therapeutic agent for the treatment of several medical conditions like cancer, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Ruderalis – The Ruderalis subspecies is believed to be of Asian or central/eastern European origins. Unlike both Indica and Sativa Ruderalis can survive under harsh environmental conditions. In fact, a lot of experts believe that Ruderalis are Indica descendants that adapted and learned how to thrive despite harsh environmental conditions. Ruderalis plants are usually shorter compared to other subspecies. It should also be noted that their flowering cycle is induced based on maturity level, unlike other species where it is induced by factors like photoperiod.

Like we all know, we have lots of marijuana strains and they all vary in attributes with some being more potent, flavored, etc than others. This variation has always left the majority of buyers confused on what the best strains to buy are. If you happen to fall in this category today is your lucky day! Read on to find out the best ten marijuana strains; from the strongest Indica strains through the well-balanced hybrids to the incredible Sativa strains, below you’ll find the best of the bunch.

OG Kush – The first strain on this list is the OG kush. This is a unique hybrid strain of unknown origins. Its origin is shrouded in mystery despite it being the backbone of the majority of cannabis strains with west coast origins. And although there’s no hard evidence to back this claim, a lot of people believe OG kush is the result of the cross between the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. Unlike most strains, OG kush has a lot of phenotypes, a couple of which are Alpha OG, Tahoe OG, and so on. The buds of OG kush are dense and relatively large with an Indica-like structure. The buds are slightly sticky and are externally filled with trichomes, a feature that gives the buds a silvery-white look. OG kush is a very potent strain possessing a THC level of about 25%. With the exception of a couple of phenotypes that possess purple coloration, OG kush leaves are green with traces of yellow. The traces of yellow coloration displayed by the plant are due to the actions of the pigment, anthocyanin. The seeds of OG kush can be cultivated both outdoors and indoors. The OG kush buds following efficient curing process give off an earthy, musty scent with a little blend of citrus. Euphoria induced by OG kush tends to be more mental than physical. Users have described the feeling of OG kush high as thrilling and exhilarating. It was also said that it greatly enhances the senses (sight, hearing, etc) and focus. Its unique effects of mental activation and elation make it a very efficient strain for social gatherings, sexual activities, games and so on. Mind you, OG kush isn’t all recreational, it has a wide range of medical applications as well. A couple of the medical conditions it helps treat include depression, anxiety, attention disorders, migraines, nausea, stress, intense pain, and so on.

White Widow – The white widow is another very effective strain on this list. The strain is arguably one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. And unlike OG kush the origin of the white widow is known. The perfectly balanced hybrid originated from Europe (the Netherlands). As mention earlier, the white widow is a hybrid strain and its parent strains are the South Indian Indica strain and the potent South American Sativa strain. Ever since the development of this strain in the early 1990s, its use and fame have risen astronomically. When taken, its effects become apparent immediately and users describe the feeling as a sudden rush of energy and euphoria; filling the user with excitement, creativity, and an astronomical elation. White widow buds appear white due to the presence of crystal resin. The strain has also being used in the development of a lot of mindblowing strains like White Rhino, Blue Widow, White Russian.

Super Silver Haze – Another strain on this list Is the potent Sativa strain, Super Silver Haze. This strain is very potent and effective in ensuring elation and instant mood changes. Like the white widow, this strain is also a hybrid strain and its parent strains are Haze, Northern lights, and Skunk. If there were a strain that doesn’t need lengthy descriptions to convince a consumer of its potency, its Super Silver Haze. The strain was the overall winner at the high times cannabis cup awards three times (’97,’98, and ’99), and it also won a couple at the high times harvest festival. The Super Silver Haze is a beautiful blend of the Sativa strain that’s sticky to touch. The Sativa dominant hybrid strain originated from the Netherlands (Amsterdam). And although it’s majorly Sativa (70%) its little Indica components (30%) also play a significant role. Research shows that its Indica portions are responsible for maintaining the energizing feeling it induces without aiding anxiety or stress. Without a doubt, the Super Silver Haze is one of the best quality Sativas on the market today. The strain’s aroma has been described as deeply pleasant; not in a fruity or candy kinda way but in a more subtle way that appeals to the senses. It gives off a spicy, skunky, diesel-like aroma that’s strangely satisfying. It should also be noted that due to its propensity to grow tall a big space is usually required for its successful cultivation so it is more favorable to grow them outdoors rather than indoors. However, it should be noted that with the rapid advances in cultivation techniques, special techniques that can grow them effectively have been developed, and one such technique is hydroponics.

Super Lemon Haze – The next strain on the list is the wonderful Super Lemon Haze. Unlike most strains, this strain is a delight to behold. Like the strain mentioned above, the Super Lemon Haze is also a hybrid Sativa strain. The parent strains used in its development are the Super Silver Haze and the Lemon Skunk. Like its parent strain, Super Lemon Haze has also won multiple awards including the greenhouse cannabis cup award which Super Lemon Haze won twice. The strain gives off a unique aroma that’s been described as zesty with a little blend of citrus which shouldn’t be surprising. From the name, one can easily guess that it contains lemony attributes. It also induces an intense euphoria filled with alertness and energy. Its unique features (aroma, taste, effects, and so on) have made it a highly sought after strain which earned it a spot on this list.

Sour Diesel – No list will be considered complete without including the Sour Diesel. This strain is arguably the most popular hybrid of Sativa worldwide. The strain is a revitalizing strain developed from the Chemdawg 91 strain and the Super Skunk strain. As its name suggests, this strain possesses a pungent, diesel-like smell which hard to miss. The strain has been described as effective and extremely potent. It induces intense euphoric feelings that give users a burst of energy, focus and thrilling cerebral effects that have been shown to enhance creativity and productivity. Sour Diesel’s effects are not just mindblowing they’re so unique and it’s very plausible to say these effects are the sole reason why it’s so popular and widely sought after by canna lovers all over the world.

Royal Gorilla – The Royal Gorilla is one of a kind. Prior to now, this strain was only available in the United States. The potency of the Royal Gorilla is undebatable with a THC level of about 26% its effects are intense. The Royal Gorilla strain is also a perfectly balanced hybrid. It doesn’t grow excessively big so it can be easily cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It has a flowering time of about 8-9 weeks and is often harvested in mid-October. Royal Gorilla was developed from a balanced blend of Sativa (50%) and Indica (50%). Its parent strains, Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem Sis were combined in such a way that a balanced blend was attained. Users describe the euphoric feeling induced by this as a cerebral, balanced, relaxing, and mouth-watering feeling. It’s unique citrusy, piny flavor makes it stand out amongst the rest. It should also be noted that it serves a wide variety of functions as it’s used for both recreational and medical purposes.

Green Gelato – The green gelato, a mindblowing strain from the Bay Area, San Francisco is a strain for the ages. Like the strain mentioned above, it is also a hybrid strain and it’s derived from the combination of The mint girl scout cookie and the Sunset sherbet, two individually special strains known for their abilities to induce intense high with a sweet, fruity flavor. From this, without even trying it out you can guess what to expect of the Green gelato. Users have described the feeling as an uplifting euphoric feeling that sends chills throughout the body. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors and its flowering time occurs in about 8-10 weeks. It should also be noted that it possesses significant levels of THC (27%).

Snoop’s Dream – Another Indica dominant hybrid strain. The Snoop’s dream was developed from Master Kush and Blue Dream. And like who it was named after (Snoop Dogg) the Snoop’s dream is iconic and dependable. It is said that the two-parent strains are Snoop Dogg’s favorites and in combining them another gem was gotten. The potency and efficiency of this strain are commendable and unlike some strains, it doesn’t promote stress or anxiety.

Presidential OG – The presidential OG is the next strain on this list. The Indica strain is an intensively flavored strain. It gives off a citrusy, piny aroma that is easy to perceive. The Presidential OG is a hybrid Indica strain gotten from the combination of the wonderful OG kush and the Bubble Gum strains. The effects it induces are similar to that of pure Indica strains. The effects have a rapid onset of action and based on research the euphoria it induces is very intense. It’s also utilized as a sedative due to its potent sleep-inducing capabilities. With a name like The Presidential OG, it isn’t surprising this strain hits hard.

ACDC – The last strain on this list is the incredible ACDC strain. This hybrid strain gotten from Cannatonic is Sativa dominant. It possesses a unique THC-CBD ratio (1:20) which makes it efficient for activities other than psychoactive effects. The ACDC contains a remarkable CBD level of about 19% which is unbelievable. Users of this strain describe the effects it has free and smooth. It induces a peaceful, relaxed state that clears the mind.

Bottom line

There are so many mindblowing and effective strains on the market. And at the end of the day, what it often comes down to is your need. If you’ve always been in a state of dilemma whenever you want to pick a strain to buy you can opt for any of the cannabis strains listed above. With any of these, you can rest assured that the best experiences await you.







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