How Do You Smoke Weed?

Different Ways to Smoke Weed

how do you smoke weed

Cannabis is a versatile plant for sure. We can change its presentation from plant matter to extracts, separate compounds and infuse foods with it.

Just as the cannabis plant is versatile, so are the ways you can smoke weed. Today I’ll be talking about the different ways to smoke weed, specifically focusing on the different presentations of weed.

Some Good Ol’ Bud!

We can’t go to the other ways of consumption until we have dealt with the most traditional way of smoking weed. Whether you’ve got a bong, a pipe, joint, blunt or vaporizer…good ol’ bud is definitely a solid option.

From the moment you get your baggy and open it up to fill your nostrils with terpene-charged flavors, to feeling the stickiness of the nugs break in your fingers. Smoking buds is an experience. The good thing with bud is that you can increase potency if you cure it, even if you got pseudo-shwaggy weed.

If you get a good grinder, you can collect kief and have emergency tokes on hand making bud a fantastic way to smoke weed.

From a wide range of strains, phenotypes and the likes…smoking good ol’ bud is definitely a stellar way to get high.

Halleluiah…it’s Hash!

Another awesome way to smoke weed is hash. Hash is also old school and have been around for thousands of years. Hash is essentially compressed cannabis resin. The taste profile differs from traditional bud.

It’s hard to explain but hash has a more “spicy” taste to it. The hash trip is also very different. I usually feel it more cerebral than bud, however smoke a bit too much hash and you’ll be sitting down snarfing a bag of potato chips watching old cartoons.


Want to get Flint-stoned? A Dab will surely get you there quickly. Dabs have become increasingly popular over the past few years and for good reason. With godlike levels of THC, a bit of dabs can go a long way.

Whether you’re smoking out of a rig or an electronic vape pen, dabbing is a great way to save money in the long run. How you ask?

Well, while dabs cost more per gram than traditional weed, it also lasts much longer. When I buy buds, I smoke an ounce in about two weeks. Compare this to a month and a half for five grams of dabs, the price becomes cheaper.

Of course, I’m not dabbing in a rig. I use a vape pen.

Onto taste! The taste of a dab is sweet and stings the lungs, despite the fact that you’re not smoking any smoke at all. The concentrated THC quickly hits your head and body leaving you high as hell. Therefore, it’s advised to not over-dab when it’s your first time.

Moon Rocking and Rolling

This cannabis hybrid way of smoking weed is currently my preferred method. Take a cannabis bud, submerge it in wax and then roll it in kief and you’ve got yourself some Moon rock!

Moon rock is a heavy hitter. If you have a problem with tolerance, in the sense that you don’t get high anymore. I strongly recommend that you start smoking some Moon Rock. A Few solid hits will get you high.

However, smoke too much moon rock and you’ll get spacey. I usually smoke moon rock when I need to be creative, playing with some guitar or writing fiction. It’s not my go-to-weed when I need to be analytical.

It doesn’t impair me from doing the job, I just take infinitely longer to complete it. Nonetheless, Moon Rock is definitely a solid way to smoke weed.

Holy Kief Batman!

Kief is another favorite of mine. Essentially, just resin powder, kief burns quick but gets you soaring even quicker. Kief is a great additive if you’ve got some shwaggy weed.

Just sprinkle a bit of it on top of a bowl, and light up. You’ll quickly taste the kief within your bowl. It’s got an intense terpene profile, meaning you get all the flavors concentrated in the first hits.

Kief is also a filler. If you want to smoke a Frankenstein joint, where you combine different weed forms, kief is an integral part to the equation.

More than one ways to consume a plant!

While these are the ways to smoke weed, you can also vape cannabis, eat it, drink it and many other methods. For those of you who are new to the world of cannabis, I hope this article helped provide you with some insight to the different ways of smoking weed.

Out of the listed options, which is your all time favorite way of smoking weed. Drop your comments on the Facebook post and I’ll be sure to read it.

Now you’re just a tad bit more informed about the different ways of smoking weed.







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How Do You Smoke Weed?
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