If I Could Do It All Over Again, I Would Not Smoke Weed as a Teen

If I Had To Do It All Over Again, I Would Not Use Marijuana as a Teen.

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If you’re a Teen wanting to smoke Weed for the first time…Read This First!

The first time I took a drag on a raunchy joint was when I was 13. During that time, I was out of my element. I just moved to a new country, left my old ways behind me and was conveniently presented with my first opportunity to spark up.

I smoked a few joints that first time and got really high. The following years I was a heavy cannabis consumer. At first, I would only smoke on the weekends and eventually I smoked daily. Over the course of a few years, I had bricks of weed in my closet.

I was probably busted for weed more than twenty times. Some times by the cops, others by my folks. It never ended well. Nonetheless, that didn’t deter me from smoking weed. I liked it, and I couldn’t see the big issue with me smoking it.

It was only when personal tragedy hit my family that I decided to give it a break for a few years. During this time, I spent a lot of time searching for the meaning of life. It was okay to be “sober” and didn’t cause me any discomfort.

This period of my life only lasted for a few years. Cannabis came back to my life after I concluded the first wave of my spiritual journey and realized that “nobody knows what the fuck they are talking about”. Life is a mystery, we don’t need to live by any moral norms and the afterlife is an equation that can’t be solved by the living.

I took that first puff after a few years of abstinence and it felt great. However, this time around, smoking weed was very different to me than when I did it when I was a young teen. Something had changed.

The shift in weed perspective

When I was a child, I smoked like a child. I chased the high. It was fun. The cannabinoids bouncing in my brain, sending me into hysterical laughter. Why wouldn’t it. My under-developed endocannabinoid system was producing a shit-ton of endocannabinoids in my brain and body. The frequent added doses of bong rips and the likes, increased the cannabinoid activity and I got blasted.

However, after I took a break and saw life through a different pane. I understood that “chasing the high” was pointless. In fact, every other substance and activity changed after this perspective shift.

I realized that “drugs” is simply a technology to be used to either “enhance” or “diffuse” a certain element of your perception. I understood that my under-developed teenage mind simply wasn’t capable of understanding how to use this tool effectively.

I understood why kids smoking weed isn’t as “cool as they think it is” and while I had a blast…I would probably not have smoked weed as young as I was when I started smoking the first time around.

If I had to do it again, why I wouldn’t smoke weed as a teen

When you’re a teenager you’re going through a lot of changes. You’re starting to interact with the world in a completely different manner. You’re testing boundaries, trying to shape yourself in comparison to your surroundings.

You’re horny, emotional, awkward looking and have a lot of changes to deal with. During this moment in your life, it’s important to make the right behavioral choices that could affect the rest of your life.

For instance, I started smoking cigarettes when I was that young as well. If I knew back then, if I only waited till I was 19 years old, the odds of me smoking for the rest of my life would have dropped nearly to zero.

However, nobody tells you that shit when you’re starting out.

Your teenage years is about exploration and experimentation, however your brain is still undergoing developmental changes. It’s best to first understand how your mind and body work within a baseline setting. In other words, being sober. And then once you have understood it and learned what your baseline is, experimentation then would be okay.

I wouldn’t recommend taking any drugs until you’re at least 21, but looking back these days, I’d wait till you’re at least 25.

By then, you’ve gone through most of your major changes, you’ve had time to understand how your body and mind works and are ready to take the next step into the exploration of self with the technology of drugs. This of course, if you still want to.

I write this today not to prohibit you from smoking weed. Some of you will ignore this text and do it anyway, however, at the very minimum, I hope this article makes you think about consequences beyond your teens. Your life also won’t be ruined if you smoke weed now, but wouldn’t you rather be the Master of Yourself prior to exploring alternate perceptive realities.

And even if you do ignore my advice, it’s okay…in all likeliness you won’t fathom the sensorial download of mind-bending drugs till you’re at least 25 and older. And even then, you’d still be a complete idiot.

The point here kids, you are in control of your decisions. Make the best ones for your own future. Weed won’t ruin you, but when you’re that young…it won’t really help you either. Unless of course you consume it for medical reasons, but then you also know…you’re not doing it for fun.






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