The Marijuana Workout – Why Everyone is Smoking Weed and Exercising, Now.

The Marijuana Workout – Why Everyone is Smoking Weed and Working Out, Now.

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People think that smoking weed makes you lazy. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. It really depends on the quantity and the particular strain you are smoking. Nonetheless, cannabis users have a lower body mass index than non-smokers on average.

There could be many reasons for this, from a boosted metabolism or simply being more active than their non-smoking counterparts.

As it turns out, cannabis can help you get fit. In fact, a recent survey found that 80% (600 cannabis users) of people who consume cannabis use it before or after a workout. The hourly range is between 1-4 hours (before/after).

For researchers, this was a shocking find. But is it really? Cannabis does help to increase the enjoyment of a workout, it also provides plenty of other medical benefits that is convenient for people working out.

How cannabis helps with a workout

For starters, cannabis can give you more endurance. It means you can jog for longer, lift longer and stay in it longer. Of course, taking a few dab rips before a workout probably won’t get you in “the zone”, however most people who use it takes it between 1-2 hours before the workout. The euphoric effects by this time would only be a shimmer, enough to quickly get you focused in on your routine.

Secondly, cannabis helps with inflammation, it helps relax the muscles and can speed up recovery significantly. There’s plenty of medical literature on the physical benefits of cannabis.

The biggest problem with doing exercise

Motivation to get up and doing something that will cost effort is not easy to get. However, with cannabis it becomes a little more fun. This psychological barrier is probably one of the biggest reasons why people don’t get up and do stuff.

Many of the people who use cannabis in tandem with their workout find that it makes the routine more pleasurable. It makes it easier to get up and get out of your comfort zone, to push your limits and to start a healthy habit.

This doesn’t mean that smoking cannabis will cause you to do exercise. With or without cannabis, a work out is exactly that – work! It will cost effort, and it will hurt. However, cannabis will make recovery a bit smoother, you’ll be able to get “back on the proverbial saddle” much quicker.

Nonetheless, you still need to make the decision to work out. Weed amplifies experiences. In other words, a movie can be better if you see it while being high. The same goes for exercise. The same goes for lounging and gaming all day. Your personal motivation has a lot to do with sticking to a workout routine. If not, the most important element.

How much weed is good for a workout?

The idea with training with cannabis is not to get “too shitfaced”. Rather, you want to get a slight buzz. Some people smoke a few hours before the time, others only take a few puffs right before they start working out.

Others don’t use it at all. It really comes down to your own physiology. There is no magical remedy or recipe to the perfect cannabis workout. However, there is a way how you can supplement your cannabinoids without experiencing the high. Your body benefits, but you don’t have the euphoria.

Take Weed Tablets

One way to get all the benefits and a very minimal buzz, is to take cannabis capsules with 1:1 ratio CBD/THC. They sell these at dispensaries. Essentially, you’re taking 10mg of both THC and CBD, along with the other minor cannabinoids.

This is enough to get you calm and relaxed, but you won’t be “high”. Additionally, all of the benefits of the cannabinoids are pumping through your body while you work out. It’s a phenomenal way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids, without needing to smoke, eat or drink cannabis.

This is probably also one of the healthiest ways to get your cannabinoids as a supplement. Tinctures, oils and edibles also work. However, if you’re looking for a consistent dose…this is your best bet.

What the study really revealed

For decades we have been sold on the idea that “stoners” are lazy. However, as we find that most cannabis consumers have a lower body mass index, and seem to be a bit more “active”, this stereotype can be laid to rest.

As it turns out, you can’t really judge people by the things they consume. We don’t automatically assume that someone drinking a beer is a violent individual, even though 40% of all violent crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol. Neither should we assume that people smoking pot are going to be lazy.

Nonetheless, cannabis can help fuel your workout as well as help with recovery.








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