The Robot Cannabis Growers Could Take Your Dream Job Before Your State Even Legalizes Marijuana

Robot Cannabis Growers could take your dream job before it’s even legal in your state!

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Many stoner’s dream of working within the cannabis industry. I have written several articles on how you can do just that, however…you might need to increase your time-frame before the robots take over!

While this might sound a bit too sci-fi for many folks, the fact of the matter is that automation has already stripped millions of people from their jobs. From a corporate perspective, having machines to automate menial tasks is a solid move. You only have to invest into maintaining the machine and you get a worker that dedicates 24 hours of the day to completing your objectives.

Some of you might think, “There’s no way that a machine can trim better than a human”, but you’d be wrong. Well, right now the machine is on par with the human, but how long will that last? And what does it mean when the machine can outperform the human?

As a company owner…what would you do?

Machine’s taking over Security

One of the areas within the cannabis industry that are experimenting with machine vs man is the security sector. Hardcar Security is one of these companies that experimented with using robots as opposed to human security guards.

According to the CEO, robots are more reliable than human security guards when it comes to guarding crops. This is because robots do not take breaks, watch videos on their phone and do not sleep. The CEO also says, “robots take gun shots better than humans” which is a fair point.

While the technology isn’t quite there yet to take robot security guards mainstream, it is something that companies are working on. This is something that the “everyday Joe and Jane” needs to take into consideration as they prepare for the cannabis workforce.

It’s important to identify which positions might be made redundant based on automation.

Drone Delivery

Another area that we might see replaced by robots are delivery services. Why maintain a car, a driver and navigate traffic when you could simply let a robot fly to the destination and deliver the weed? While this technology is still in its infancy, the fact of the matter is that we’re heading that way.

Companies like Amazon is already utilizing these drones for delivery. It’s not a stretch to think that the cannabis industry would implement the same methods.

There are many benefits to utilizing drone delivery;

  • It’s safer – other than being shot down, no one is at risk with a drone delivery.
  • It’s quicker – Flying over traffic makes delivery much quicker
  • It’s convenient – A drone would be able to deliver your weed to your back yard.

As mentioned, we don’t have to worry just yet about drones replacing delivery drivers, but it’s in the work.


Oh Snap! Yep, there is a company that is working on creating robot trimmers. This is especially alarming for people since entry-level trimmers is usually one of the first gigs people get when they are trying to break into the cannabis industry.

Bloom Automation is working on creating “efficient” automation within the trimming process. Currently, their robots can trim roughly 1 pound per day, which is similar to that of a human trimmer. However, as demand for cannabis will undoubtedly increase as well as costs associated with taxes and production, it isn’t too far-fetched to believe that bigger companies will incorporate automation at every point possible.

This includes trimming. Where a human trimmer could potentially work up to 16 hours a day (pushing it to max), they will never be able to compete with the 24-hour relentless work cycles that a machine can handle.

Looking from a pure economic perspective, a business owner would benefit from owning 5 automated trimmer robots versus having to pay for 10 human trimmers. Trimmers who also cost the business in terms of benefits, taxes and having to cover injuries on the job site.

Do we need to fear the machine?

For now, we’re still fine. However, it’s important to start looking at the future of the cannabis industry. It only makes sense that businesses will automate their processes wherever they can. What does this mean for the working class citizen?

It’s important that you refine your skills so you don’t become redundant within the workforce. AI will definitely take over many people’s jobs. Budtenders, Trimmers, Security Guards, Delivery Services all are subject to being replaced with automation.

The only thing you can do is learn a skill that a machine can’t emulate. While a machine might be “smart”, it still lacks the insight of humans. For instance, it’s hard to see a Cannabis Chef getting replaced by a robot any time soon. Therefore, I recommend you start working on skillsets relevant within the cannabis industry that can’t be automated in the near future. That way you ensure longevity within the cannabis workforce. 







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