What Cities Are The Best For Growing Weed?

Ever Wonder What Cities Would Be The Best to Grow Weed?

best cities to grow weed

The marijuana market is growing faster than ever before. With some countries legalizing medicinal use, and now with states like California recently selling recreational marijuana, the market is taking a massive leap.

The sales of legal marijuana in 2017 was expected to hit $ 9.7 billion. That is an increase of 33% compared to 2016 sales. With this growth rate, sales of legal marijuana are expected to hit $ 24.5 billion by 2021.

In Oregon, Washington, Washington D.C., Colorado and Alaska, these states legalized recreational marijuana before California jumped on board. But more states plan to join in. Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada voted in favor of legalizing marijuana by 2018.

With so many states legalizing weed, it begs the question: where should we grow it? If you are thinking of dabbling in the marijuana business, we’ve made a list of a few of the best cities to grow weed based on a few factors:

  • Weather (including average days with sun and amount of yearly precipitation);
  • Average temperature around 72 degrees;
  • Population area (probably do not want everyone to know what is going on);
  • State legalization (do not endorse the growth in states where marijuana is still illegal);
  • Amount of seizures by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (higher the number more favorable the growing conditions).

Keep in mind that legally a person can grow only a limited amount of plants for recreational use (usually indoors). Just a select amount of states allow for recreational marijuana growth, while others enable medicinal marijuana growth with proper licensing.

Sacramento, California

Sacramento would be an ideal place to grow marijuana, especially with the recent legalization of recreational weed. However, that doesn’t mean it is open for business. There are still strict guidelines to be followed.

State law says you can cultivate “six marijuana plants inside all single private residences, or n a secured accessory structure.” With Sacramento County, if the area is unincorporated, one may grow up to nine small plants within specific limitations. There is, however, no outdoor cultivation allowed.

Memphis, Tennessee

It may come as a surprise to see a state on the list in which marijuana use recreationally and medicinally is still illegal. However, that doesn’t mean the growing conditions are not favorable. With Memphis seeing sunshine 64 percent of the year with roughly 53 inches of precipitation and the average high temperature hovering around 73 degrees, that is not too bad.

Tennessee is still strict about the use of marijuana but has slowly loosened up the chains year by year. Being caught with or growing pot used to be punishable by up to six years in prison. In 2016 the government reduced that to a misdemeanour. Use of medicinal marijuana for specific conditions like epilepsy is allowed, but the marijuana must be purchased outside the state.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence secured a top spot on the list because when around 55,968 people (per 1,000) had outdoor grown plants seized, the conditions must be favorable. The average temperature hangs about 61 degrees, relatively lower than the 72 degrees to look for. The yearly precipitation is around 47 inches.

Although the state has decriminalized marijuana, it is only legal for medicinal purposes. With approval, you may grow up to 12 plants and possess no more than 2.5 oz.







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