What is so Great About Your Reality?

What is so great about your reality, Beer and Wine Drinker?

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The current cannabis legalization movement is changing long held beliefs about the plant and the people who use the plant, but that does not mean that there still isn’t a conservative fraction of society that frowns upon the use of cannabis as a medicine or as a recreational plant.  The ironic part of anti-pot rhetoric is that, minus ultra-conservative groups like Mormons and the Amish, they all enjoy alcohol at some level.  That could be a few beers at night, a glass of wine after the kids go down, tying-one-on on a Friday night watching the game or at the club, or any version of that scenario where alcohol is used to either escape “reality” for a few hours or “numb the pain” of reality for a few hours.

Alcohol is a depressant; it dehydrates the brain.  Alcohol is used by millions, no billions, each night or on weekends to “alter” or “suspend” reality, causing the brain to feel euphoric, relaxed, de-stressed, or however you want to describe the effect of a “buzz” or getting “drunk”.   Since alcohol can pass through the blood-brain barrier it physiologically alters the human body and impairs the brain’s reasoning and reaction time, hence drunk-driving laws.

But if billions use alcohol to numb the pain or reality (stress, anxiety, etc.)of life, why do those same people look down on using cannabis, a healthy version of altering reality for a few hours, as being evil, sinful, and harmful.

Hey alcohol enjoying people, what is so great about your reality that cannabis users should abandon their plant and come live life the way you choose to live it?

Unless you live under a rock, current reality really stinks.  We have more stress and anxiety than ever before.  More kids are being diagnosed with stress and anxiety in grades as low as 2nd and 3rd grade.  We have the highest suicide rates for men and women ages 34 to 56 in history.  Why are so many people giving up hope and killing themselves if reality was so wonderful?  We have an opioid epidemic that is killing thousand of people a day worldwide, some by mistakes and some using it as a method to kill themselves.  Our political landscape is most polar and divided it has been since the Civil War, where we actually went to war with each other, Americans killing Americans, literally.   Student debt is a ticking time-bomb for entire generation.  A generation that will have no way to pay off that debt with interest based on current salary levels.

We have a generation of retires, the largest in the history of America, that are coming back to the workforce in record numbers because, well, they don’t have enough to make ends meet in retirement.  Have you noticed how many seniors are now getting part-time or full-time jobs doing things like bagging groceries or working in a supermarket bakery?  Do you think that was on in their plans when they were married or had a spouse, 35 years ago? 

So, I ask people who enjoy a glass or two of wine or a stiff martini after work, why should we give up our cannabis and join your version of reality?  We all have stresses and worries in life, if we choose to use a healthy plant to relax and release from those realities, like some people use going to a movie, why would I want to switch to a harmful depressant like alcohol?

Your reality and how people are using alcohol and hard drugs to deal with stress and anxiety doesn’t seem to be  working out well.

By condemning our cannabis use you are endorsing your own reality, or “how things should be done”, things like handling stress, anxiety, sleep aids, etc.  I think we can all agree, if you found a better way to do something, you would do it. Let’s say you found a better way to cut your lawn, or a better way to get to the mall without as much traffic, you would do it.  What if there was a better way to handle stress, anxiety, sleep issues, chronic pain, and reality than numbing the brain with alcohol each night, or weekends, or whatever your version is?

Well, there is a better way.  Come over to our reality.  Yes, we still have all the same worries, stresses, disappointments and heartache you have, we just use a natural plant to help us cope with those parts of reality.  Our plant enhances your cannabinoid system, like eating a ton of broccoli and kale.  Our plant is relaxing and releases stress but doesn’t have the damaging effects to the body that your wine, beer, and vodka have on your brains, liver, and kidneys.  Don’t like to smoke?  No problem, you can take our plant as drops under your tongue, in a cookie or chocolate, even in a drink form like a fruit punch.  We offer no calories, no hangover, a good-night sleep, and a stress-free few hours.

Reality is full of stress and anxiety, just don’t ask us to come join your reality and ways to relieve stress, it isn’t really healthy, or fun.







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