When is the Best Time of Day to Take Medical Cannabis?

When is the Best Time of the Day to Take Medicinal Cannabis?

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When a person decides to take medicinal marijuana to better his or her health, they often have a problem when to take it. Finding a daily routine could be quite complicated, especially when there still is a lack of knowledge about the intricacies of cannabis. Patients are fervently seeking for what, when, and when to dose with cannabis. Often all that is needed, is a little bit more understanding of the different strains and their potencies.

When it comes to recreational cannabis, people often tend to smoke late in the afternoon as they believe it would relax them after work or other strenuous activities. But when it comes to medicinal cannabis, especially for a mental or physical issue, you might have to start earlier in the day with your cannabis. As with anything you take for your own benefit, you alone can decide what is best for you. This article will focus on different times of the day to take medical cannabis, and the relative costs and benefits.

Starting your day with Medical Marijuana

Morning consumption of cannabis is often referred to as ‘wake and bake’ time. Those struggling with arthritis and stiff joints really benefit from smoking medical cannabis as soon as they wake up. When you sleep your joints can´t lock up and you need another type of joint to relax them. Depending on the strain you smoke, you might get overly sluggish and too relaxed. If this happens to you, it is best to take small quantities.

Smoking is not the only way to get your medical cannabis in. You can use edibles, tinctures, oil, juices, or tea if you don´t like smoking. Bear in mind that smoking likely would give you the munchies. To avoid snacking on something unhealthy, have a healthy breakfast ready to start the day on the right foot. The munchies are caused by THC that mimics the part of your brain telling you that you are hungry. The munchies are not bad for those suffering from conditions like anorexia and HIV Aids.

What Strains are Good in the Morning?

Sativa-dominant strains are the best for the morning. These strains are often higher in THC and lower in CBD. Sativa strains provide euphoria, energy, and stimulate even creativity. Depending on what you are suffering from and what the purpose of your medication is, these strains go well with your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Recommended Strains

Princeton (Ghost Train Haze)

Herringbone (AK-47)

Should you take Medical Cannabis Before or After Exercise?

Again, your own purpose for taking medical marijuana is linked to the condition you are treating. Some cannabis strains could be loaded with THC and might cause impaired vision and lack of muscle control. It is therefore advisable not to smoke too heavily before exercising with heavy weights or where precision work is needed. Stay away from any risky activity like diving or climbing. If there is any possibility that you put yourself at risk, do not smoke before exercising, or find a strain that is lower in THC and higher in CBD.

It is common knowledge that endorphins are released when people do any form of exercise. It let them feel good. This natural high can be enhanced by smoking medical cannabis an hour or two before running. THC is stored in fat cells and as you run or do exercise, small amounts of THC will be released in your bloodstream. This will boost the natural high created by the endorphins.

After a workout, it is also a good idea to smoke or take an edible to relax your muscles. Topical incused cannabis creams could also come in very handy. A smoothie made of fresh leaves can also help to replace minerals lost during training.

Taking Medical Cannabis after Work

There is nothing more helpful after a stressful day at work to calm down with medical cannabis. Cannabis is great for relieving stress and anxiety. It is also very good to deal with mental fatigue.

Before Bedtime

Many people benefit from taking medical cannabis just before getting into bed. It is especially helpful for those struggling to sleep, or those who have broken sleep patterns. Smoking a little bit before bedtime can create a deeper REM sleep. As sleeping is vitally important for good health, taking cannabis is very beneficial. If you prefer to rather take and edible or tea, it is better to take it at least an hour or more before bedtime.

Strains for Mid-Afternoon

Hybrids and strains higher in CBD work well for the afternoon or during the day. CBD oils and tinctures are very good for newbies, where hybrids work well for more experienced users.

Recommended strains

Balmoral (UK Cheese)

Penelope (CBD Skunk Haze)

Strains Good for Relaxation

Indica strains are good for the evening or to end the night off. Indica-dominant strains have very powerful analgesic effects. They are also good for main-management and sleeping disorders.

Recommended strains

Weaver (Kosher Kush)

Twilling (Deep Purple)







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