Why Bad Weed Will Eventually Go Extinct

Why Bad Weed Will Eventually Go Extinct


When you hear that Trump “might” support a bi-partisan bill that would essentially remove any federal resistance in the legalization of cannabis [on a state based level], you know that world is getting ready for legal cannabis.

Of course, political hearsay isn’t anything until a bill is signed into law, but the prospects on the horizon definitely are pointing towards the positive. We have already seen with the small-scale legalization efforts in the U.S that it had a dire impact on cartel related weed.

No one can deny, that brick weed is the worst! It’s usually low THC, seed filled bags compressed into little bricks of weed that drops your blood pressure when you smoke it.

Since places like Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington all legalized weed, the presence of “brick” on the west coast has diminished quite significantly.

This brings me to a point I heard on “A Stoner’s Journey EP 6” where the hosts were talking about quality weed and home growing. There was a bit in there that inspired me to write this article.

The Extinction of The Brick is not too far off into the future

With more legalization efforts moving forward, Canada jumping into the world of cannabis and the U.S backing off of the war…we can safely say that the concept of Mexican Brick Weed is going the way of the dodo.

This is due to the influx of premium weed, locally grown. Of course, the price is still significantly higher than brick, but what we’re seeing is that people prefer to spend more on quality than on quantity. When 3 grams of premium weed can outlast an ounce of Brick…the math is simple.

The Cartels simply cannot compete with legal cannabis grows. This is partly why some cartel activities actually moved into legal states.

Nonetheless, with more accessible cannabis laws on the books; local business will only continue to grow and brick eventually will be nothing more than horse feed.

Will the Black Market Ever Disappear?

One of the things that the cannabis community talks about is the vanquishing of the black market due to the presence of the legal market. What we have seen thus far is that yes, black market activities do diminish…but it really doesn’t go away.

Currently, there are still too many prohibition states on the map for the black market to diminish completely and even if every single state in the U.S legalizes, there would still be a mini-black market present.

The difference is that the future black market will not be Mexican.

There will come a time when the legal market will render Cartel marijuana grows unviable. The costs of transport and the reduced market share for cannabis will force them to either adapt and grow similar to legal states [which is highly unlikely] or simply switch crops to a more profitable [Poppies, etc].

When this time comes, the Mexican brick will go extinct. However, seeing that despite the legalization of cannabis, there will still be a demographic that can’t access it…minors.

Now, I know that people don’t want to think that teens smoke pot, but the fact of the matter is that despite all of the education, all of the prevention…some kids will still smoke pot.

Due to the illegality of selling to minors, these kids will have to source their weed from somewhere. That “somewhere” will most likely be people their same age. Other kids that are growing and selling weed.

Cartel weed will not be desired by newer generations who grew up with primo! This means that the small vacuum created by legalization for adults, will still have a demand.

Legal cannabis businesses will not supply this demand seeing that playing by the rules will keep them in business. Therefore, the black market will shift from international borders to locally sourced cannabis.

Most adults will not risk their liberty to give a kid a baggy. The people who would risk their liberty in all likeliness would be under 18. Perhaps, you’d find a few college kids also dealing, but that would essentially be the extent of the new black market.

Is there anything you can do to stop the black market entirely?

The only way to stop the black market entirely would be to legalize cannabis in the same fashion that tomatoes are legal. Anyone can consume it, grow it and sell it.

When you remove the age limit from the equation and allow people to grow their own…there would be no black market. Seeing that there would be no economic incentive to sell to anyone illegally and those that can’t buy it legally would be able to grow it at home.

This would be the only scenario where you would completely eradicate the black market. Will it happen? I doubt it. People don’t want kids to smoke weed.

This means, that there will be a small black market catering to their needs, but the brick…will go extinct.

There will be a generation in the near future that have never tasted brick…that’s something to think about.







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