Strain Review: Afghan Haze by Mr Nice Seeds


The combination of a pure Afghan combined to the Haze male can only create something fantastic.

The area to work on with this plant is the yield and time of yield so selection is a must for those who look for the right type of blend of both parents.

Both parent plants are very established on their own and have achieve greatness for medical patients worldwide. An excellent strain to have in the medical gardens that are springing up all over the globe.

Category: The Naturals – Old school genetics
Breeder: Nevil and Shantibaba’s
Preferred medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse

Expected yield: Indoors 350/450 g/m2, G/h and outdoors 350/450 g/plant

Recommendations: For the grower who is keen to learn about Haze hybrids… so preferably not first time growers.


Seed Bank: Mr Nice Seeds
Genetics: Sativa/Indica
Parents: Afghan x Haze (origins of Thai/Columbia)
Height: N/A
Photoperiod: Photoperiod
Yield: Indoor: 350/450 g/m2 / Greenhouse or Outdoor: 350/450 g/plant.
Flowering Time: 10 weeks
Award Winner: False
Avail. As: Regular Seeds
Strain Attributes: Medicinal

Medical Uses: N/A

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If you’re using this strain for medicinal purposes, please leave your experiences in comments below so others can benefit.

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