Strain Review: Automatic by Big Buddha Seeds


Big Buddha?s ?Automatic?? the next generation of autoflowering strains bred with the intention of more stability and vigor as well as flavor and a taste that the 1st generation of autoflowering strains never had.

Big Buddha?s ?Automatic? is one of the easiest to grow autoflowering plants in the world?.. it will astound you with its ?cotton candy stick? structure & amazing ?sticky resin? glistening on its flower tops. With its short height and extremely ?sea of green? structure, Big Buddha?s ?Automatic? is extremely low maintenance.

Sensory experience: surprisingly pleasant high
Smell: floral lavender incense
Taste: sweet candy tart goodness Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors


Seed Bank: Big Buddha Seeds
Genetics: 20% Ruderalis 30% Sativa 50% Indica
Parents: Northern Lights x Mexican Ruderalis x Bonkers Male
Height: Low
Photoperiod: Autoflowering
Yield: N/A
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks from seed
Award Winner: False
Avail. As: Feminized Seeds
Strain Attributes: Autoflower :: Low Height :: Feminized :: SOG :: Easy to grow

Medical Uses: N/A

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If you’re using this strain for medicinal purposes, please leave your experiences in comments below so others can benefit.

Strain Review: Automatic by Big Buddha Seeds
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