Strain Review: Kerala Krush by The Flying Dutchman Seeds


Kerala Krush is an extremely vigorous sativa seed presented by Flying Dutchman. She is a unique cross of a pure South Indian sativa with a famous Skunk No.1 and combines the best qualities of the both parents. The Skunk father boosts fast maturation without interfering with the high or taste of the pure South Indian Sativa. Kerala Krush is characterised by a very smooth complex flavor and aroma with a clear cerebral buzz.

Seeds of this marijuana, though strongly influenced by sativa genes, produce plants of a pretty manageable size, not higher than 130-150 cm. Their resistance to mushroom and mold is incredible (obviously, taken from the Indian mother), they are suitable for any growing settings, indoors and outdoors, soil, pots and/or hydroponics setups. Kerala Krush seeds cope very well with mild stress related to weather changes or excessive feeding.

Being mostly sativa, this cannabis strain has a well balanced structure; the plants quickly develop heavy colas and sometimes need a support by tying them up under the nodes. Training Kerala Krush is essential as it boosts her growing and might make her sativa flowering period (77 days) shorter. This cannabis variety is a heavy yielder and can produce as much in average as 350 gr. per m2 when grown indoors. Outdoor plants give you a higher yield. Another tip – as a typical sativa lady, Kerala Krush likes to be loved, the more you nurture her, the better she performs.

She produces more bud sites than her indica counterpart. Already at the very early stage you can clearly see white pistils for each calix. Though the buds look less dense, this doesn’t affect the quality of the marijuana – Kerala Krush keeps crushing heads with her stable 18% of THC. Typically for sativa dominated cannabis, Kerala Krush has lower CBD and higher THC counts which produces a clear headed, energetic type of high with a very pronounced effect on the brain.

Mold resistant.


Seed Bank: The Flying Dutchman Seeds
Genetics: Sativa
Parents: N/A
Height: Medium
Photoperiod: Photoperiod
Yield: 125 g
THC: 18%
Flowering Time: 65 – 75 days
Award Winner: False
Avail. As: Regular Seeds
Strain Attributes: Mold Resistant :: Pure Sativa

Medical Uses: N/A

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