Strain Review: Nevilles Haze by Black Label Seeds


Neville’s Haze cannabis is one of the strongest Haze varieties from the Black Label seed collection. She combines the original Haze – an almost psychedelic tropical Sativa – with one quarter Northern Lights – a powerful, heavy-hitting indica and is often used for medical purposes.

Growing Neville’s seeds can be quite a challenge. They are not very difficult to grow but may require a lot of work especially in smaller growing cabinets. Though they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, beginners in marijuana growing should really start her outdoors. Indoor varieties can be started under 12 hours of lights but to get quality is certainly not an easy task. The earliest ones will finish in 14 weeks, those that take much longer than this are usually discarded as not practical. During maturing Neville’s Haze develops a complex aroma that almost smells like a plant other than a cannabis, which compliments her elegant tall and lanky sativa structure. Her plants can tolerate as much nutrients as you want to give. In the vegetative stage they don’t complain about the nutrient amounts, but in the blooming stage leaves drop away (usually all of them), no matter what you do. No worries, it’s normal if your plants consist of stems and buds only. Try to provide them with higher air humidity, at least from 60% to 80 %.

The yield of this marijuana strain varies from 250 gr and 500 gr per m2. Like any other sativa variety, the more you nurture Neville’s Haze cannabis, the bigger yield you can expect. She develops big fluffy buds with an intense rushing high, not recommended for inexperienced smokers – too trippy – too profound. With some patience, seeds of this Black Label?s marijuana will reward her grower with one of the most refined aromas and effects of the cannabis world.


Seed Bank: Black Label Seeds
Genetics: Sativa/Indica
Parents: Haze x Northern Lights
Height: Tall
Photoperiod: Photoperiod
Yield: 500 gr per m2
THC: 15-20%
Flowering Time: Long
Award Winner: False
Avail. As: Regular Seeds
Strain Attributes: Medicinal

Medical Uses: Multiple Sclerosis :: Pain Relief

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