Strain Review: Original Haze by The Flying Dutchman Seeds


Haze Original is a cannabis version of marmite – you either love it or hate it. She is perhaps the only cannabis with so many contradictory opinions. International cannabis experts consider her as the best pot in the world. Marijuana consumers, including private growers, call her the most challenging of any strains.

Haze Original started out as a multiple-sativa hybrid with roots in Central America, South India and Thailand. Since being stabilized in the late 1970’s by the Dutch seed breeders, she has never been hybridized and remains as one of the purest marijuana, famous for her highest medical and narcotic values.

Very popular in the 70’s, this strain nearly became extinct in recent years as growers switched to easier varieties. Flying Dutchman seed selectors managed to save a few viable seeds from the last crop grown in America and are now using them to produce some remarkable hybrids. They are perfect for breeding projects due to their pure breed status. Ideal crosses would see the Haze stone with a quicker delivery, but in some opinions Haze does not cross indicas well; she is better suited to a sativa, whether that be a skunk (as in Super Silver Haze) or any others, like Durban, Hawaiian Sativa, Sensi Skunk and Joker’s Haze/Skunk.

Haze Original cannabis strain is characterised by the longest growing and maturing period. A seeded Haze takes upwards of 16 – 20 weeks for good seeds and around 36 weeks to flower. The seeds are very pale, never dark. With an amazing 100% germination rate, all seedlings can go straight under a usual 12/12 cycle, maturing into gigantic healthy plants. Outside varieties not restricted by such factors as height, yield or short summers can reach amazing 3-4 m. in height with a medium yield of 150 gr. of pure marijuana per plant.

As indoor growing gained popularity in the 80s, true Haze, unfortunately, began to disappear. Though marijuana smokers still adored the soaring high, cannabis growers found her slow flowering, low yields and unstoppable height-gain impractical for indoor production.

Thanks to Haze fans and their enthusiastic work, this original strain is back to the market and keeps gaining the old days popularity back. More and more private marijuana consumers care more about her extreme and almost psychedelic effects and are ready to wait. It’s worth waiting – her fragrance is complex and deep with a dry flowery perfume over a base of dark leathery animal tones; the high is extremely powerful, playing to your deep emotions.

‘While not for everyone, the most jaded connoisseur will often find haze irresistible.’ – The SeedBank Catalogue.


Seed Bank: The Flying Dutchman Seeds
Genetics: Sativa
Parents: N/A
Height: N/A
Photoperiod: Photoperiod
Yield: N/A
THC: High
Flowering Time: 90 – 115 days
Award Winner: False
Avail. As: Regular Seeds
Strain Attributes: Medicinal :: High THC :: Pure Sativa

Medical Uses: N/A

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