Barneys Farm

Barneys-farm-sensible-cannabis-seedsBarney’s Farm, their cannabis seeds are the renowned winner of multiple High Times Cup awards, is now not just a seed bank Barney’s farm seeds are  the most original and futuristic society in Amsterdam.

Various enterprises are now in the possession Barneys Farm . One of Barneys farm successful direction is breeding marijuana seeds and offering them to the world community. Started breeding experiments more than 23 years ago, Barney’s Farm seedbank is now known for production of high quality and stable and consistent feminized and regular cannabis strains.

Barneys Liberty Haze ,Barneys Farm  blue cheese, g13 haze and Barneys Farm LSD being some of their top strains. These marijuana seeds  breeders are driven by a passion and determination to be the leaders in the cannabis seed industry and they without doubt have achieved their aim.

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