Magus Genetics

maguslogoNever before has a story of trial and error proved more significant than at Magus Genetics, where after 20 years, founder Gerrit Slot has developed his own strains into award winners.

In the early 90’s Gerrit began experimenting with Afghani and Skunk seeds purchased from coffee shops, not realizing that the Afghan strains were all male and pollinated any female strains that he attempted to cultivate. In 1993, Gerrit made his second mistake; his plants were not yielding as expected and it was quickly realized that his cultivation space was not allowing the optimum light exposure to strains. Frustrated, Gerrit decided that from then on, he would exclusively grow his own genetic material rather than relying on other strains. This would allow him to manage the entire process of cultivation. It turned out to be an inspired decision.

After contacting the Bluebird coffee shop in Amsterdam, Gerrit was given permission to sell his own strain, ‘Warlock’ with them. It proved wildly popular, winning a trophy at the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup and by the following year, Gerrit had over 50 different breeding lines.

Today, Magus Genetics has some of the most sought after strains in the world including Double Dutch and Biddy Early. However, it was Gerrit’s ‘Warlock’ strain that truly changed his fortunes.

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