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The goal of The Cannabis Strain Directory is to bring detailed information about the Cannabis plant to the people. This includes strain reviews, medicinal qualities and general strain attributes. We’ve also included some how-to’s about the growing and maintenance of the plant.

Although Cannabis has been around and used by humans for thousands of years, it is still in the early stages of discovery as to it’s medicinal attributes. The decriminalization and/or legalization of the plant is sparking new research into what this beautiful plant can do.


We are constantly working to keep the directory as up-to-date as possible as new data is discovered. We rely on the seed banks for data, and as the world moves into using Cannabis for medicinal purposes, we will issue updates to reflect these changes as they are discovered.

The Future

We are currently still finding strains that aren’t in our database, and adding as we do so. Once no more established strains can be found, we will focus more on updating the strain data for medical use. As more folks leave reviews about their experiences, and more scientists are allowed to research this plant, more of this data will become available and we will add it as it is discovered.

It is because of the source of medicinal data at this time that you should use caution when treating yourself. If your physician is Cannabis verse, consult with him/her. Get advice from your budtender. Most budtenders are verse in what effects each strain has on us, many getting this information from the Strain Directory. Cannabis isn’t a cure-all. Mother Nature blessed her with many great benefits, but she isn’t the total answer.

Recreational users will be less picky. They will look at flavor, smell and psychological effect. Easing minor pains and seizures is a bonus for them. The Strain Directory also includes data for those folks, most of it coming from the breeders themselves. This will be updated as they become known as well.

And, we will be looking to improve the quality of some of our bud shots. Hi-Rez copies of these used to be quite hard to find, but are slowly beginning to filter out.


We put a lot of time and effort into the directory. If you can find it in your heart to make a small donation to this effort, please click the PayPal donate link below. Your generosity will help finance further development of the directory so others can benefit.

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Thank you to all who support us.

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