How To Make An Apple Pipe


• An apple
• A pen or pencil


1. Grab an apple. The bigger and juicier the better.

2. Carefully twist off the stem.

3. Using a pen or pencil, make your first hole through the top center of the apple. Burrow through until you reach the core. You should stop about halfway down. This will become your bowl.

4. Make your next hole on the side of the apple in the middle, forming a connecting horizontal airway tunnel to the core.

5. The third hole should be a quarter of the way to left or right of the second hole. Pick which side naturally feels more comfortable as this is the carb. Again you will be burrowing to the core, essentially connecting all three airways.

6. Wipe your apple dry, pack a nice bowl, and give it a flame.

TIP: If you’ve got 3 people looking to smoke, make 3 horizontal holes spaced equally around the apple.

Note: The moistness inside the apple will cool off the hot vapors providing a smooth smoke. It’s a delicious hit that tastes like apple-flavored smoke. This all natural way is Mother Nature’s finest way to smoke greens.

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