Selecting a Grow Space

First, you should not put others at risk without their knowledge. This goes for your wife, kids, parents, live-ins or roomates. When LEO busts a grow, usually everybody goes to jail.

Next, make sure your space is secure. That means either lockable or hidden. You don’t want the Orkin man finding your grow room.

Your grow space needs to have adequate ventilation and electrical resources for the size grow you intend on having. If you can’t vent to outside of the space or you have 15 amp circuit that the tv is also on, don’t look to put a 1000w hps on a mover in there.

Closets can make really good grow spaces, but heat usually is a big issue.

Have a plan for dealing with smell in place before the terpines become pronounced. A good ozone generator can remove the odor from the room and the exhaust.

Chests of drawers or dressers have too little space or ventilation opportunities to house a big (400w or bigger) HID. If you need to use a dresser, consider a small HID or fluorescents.

If you have a big light in a small space, you will need big fans to keep it cool. Big fans make noise. Make sure that the noise from your grow doesn’t tip people off as to what you are doing.

There are many portable grow rooms in various sizes available today. Do a web search for "portable grow room". Some of them are available in kits, and include everything you need to begin growing.

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