Equipment Review: G Pen Elite by Grenco Science

g-pen-elite-vaporizerThe new G Pen Elite by Grenco Science. This model is made for vaping ground dry herb. A model for concentrate and extracts to be released soon. It is shipped in an attractive, tubular box, and has a very sleek design. Let’s rip into it and see if it holds up to our expectations.

What’s In The Box

– G Pen Elite
– Quick start guide
– Stirring/Tamping tool
– USB Charging cord
– Grenco Grinder Card

Easy to Use

  • Once you’ve unboxed the unit, plug it into the included USB cable and give it a full charge. Shouldn’t take long, as it comes mostly charged. Won’t work unless you do.
  • Load your herb by removing the mouth piece. Use the included tool to tamp the herb.
  • Click the power button rapidly 5 times to turn the unit on. (Another 5 clicks will turn it off)
  • Press either of the 2 buttons next to the LED display to set the temperature. I would recommend starting at 325F and adjust it from there. The LED display will also show you how much juice is left in your battery.
  • When ready to vape, hold down the power button for one second and the unit will heat up to the desired temp.

New Temperature Control

g-pen-lcd-screenOne of the new improvements to the Elite over the G Pen Pro is the more flexible temperature control. It now allows you to set the perfect temp in 1 degree increments from 200F-428F. This is important, as different strains will require different temperature settings. Varying moisture content in the herb also requires different settings. So this is no longer a problem, as with units that only provide 3 or 4 fixed temperature settings.

New Ceramic Oven

The oven is now made of ceramic, so nothing will stick to it. Much easier to keep clean. It is also one of the deepest ovens available in a portable pen, making for less time spent refilling.

Heat Up Time

The unit heats up in about 30 seconds, pretty fast considering most other units take up to 2 minutes. I think a green LED light or something similar to indicate it has reached the desired temperature would have been a nice touch. As it is, you’ll know it’s ready when the temp display reaches the temp you chose.

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Vape Quality

We found the unit to vape well. Smooth and not harsh. As with all vaporizers, portable or tabletop, the quality of your vape will be determined by the fineness of your grind, how full you load the oven, and what temperature works best for you. So you may have to experiment a little at first until you find the ‘sweet spot’. I found that a medium grind worked best, with the temp set to 400F.


Available for sale starting the middle of March, 2016, this pen is one of my favorites. It’s a perfect size for pocket or purse, feels good in the hand, and vapes well. The LED is easy to read and it has a very fast warm-up time. Because the coilless ceramic chamber allows for 360% heating on all sides, the flavor is unparalleled.

At a retail price of $170, it puts it in the medium price range, but offers features and quality normally found only in high priced units.


  • If you’re new to vaping, keep in mind that the herb is not BURNED but heated to the right temperature where the material is turned into a vapor. Therefore, don’t expect the same amount of "smoke" as you would get from actually combusting the material or when puffing on your e-juice. You also don’t get all the stuff that kills you contained in smoke, so it’s a good thing.
  • If set to the higher temperatures, the mouthpiece can get a little warm. This is common for these types of vaporizers. There seems to be no problem with this when set to 300F or so. If you insist on a high temp, don’t pucker your lips around the thin rectangular draw hole. Instead, wrap them around the whole mouthpiece and inhale.
  • During a vape session, it helps to stir the herb a couple of times using the included stir tool. Stirring mixes up the material, exposing new surfaces to vape.
  • Here’s a tip when replacing the screen in the mouthpiece: the screen fits into a slot in the mouthpiece. Using a paper clip, or the stirring tool included, push the screen toward the rounded side of the mouthpiece to slide it out. Push the replacement screen back into the slot.

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