Antidote for Anxiety: Brazilian Research Shows Cannabinoids May Treat Panic Disorders

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Hump day help!

New research published online January 17, 2014, courtesy of the National Institute of Health (a government-backed resource site) has made the elevated claim that marijuana cannabinoids may help to quell the life altering ailment of panic disorder.

Different from the normal fear and anxiety brought on by stressful events in our daily lives, those who suffer from panic disorder endure unreasonable fear and nervousness – minus logic or warning.

Now, thanks to the neuroscientists at the University of São Paulo Brazil, and their slightly stoned rats which were chased by one hungry cat… marijuana’s cannabinoids have shown promise in reducing the onset of panic, anxiety, and nervousness for humans.

“The present study investigated the effects of systemic or intra-dorsolateral periaqueductal gray (dlPAG) administration of CB1 agonists [intended to replicate cannabinoids] on behavioral changes induced in rats by predator exposure (thanks to hungry cat), a model of panic responses”

The panic ending research was fired up by scientists at the Department of Pharmacology from the School of Medicine at Ribeirão Preto – and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Applied Neurosciences located at the University of São Paulo.


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