5 Ways Hemp Will Make the World a Better Place, Literally

5 Surprising Uses For Hemp That Would Make The World A Better Place, Literally

hemp products for saving the world

Hemp is one of the world’s most useful crops. Our ancestors have used hemp in a great deal of practical applications, such as textiles, oil, paper, and of course, food.  

Versatile, all-natural, renewable, and sustainable: few other plants can hold a candle to all the earth-loving and people-nourishing properties of hemp. But decades of cannabis prohibition combined with misinformation have caused people to become ignorant about hemp – even worse, demonize it. We have access to processing technologies today that allow hemp to be made into an eco-friendly alternative of many things we consume and use daily.

We already know that hemp can be used for textiles, paper, and food. But here are some things that can be made out of hemp that may surprise you. If these hemp products become mainstream, it would make the world a better place – literally:

  1. Batteries: Every year we get rid of billions of batteries, all of which are made out of corrosive and toxic material. Some of them contain lead, mercury, and lithium, which is harmful for the environment and can pose some serious threats to human health if disposed of improperly. Hemp batteries can actually be made at a fraction of the cost required to make conventional batteries. They are much more environmentally-friendly, and it even has the potential to outperform the energy storing abilities of the batteries we use today.

  • Diapers: More than 18 billion disposable diapers are tossed out by Americans ALONE. Imagine how much more when you consider the rest of the country? We will always need diapers for babies, but hemp diapers are just as good. It’s anti-microbial, absorbent, and breathable, too: all the qualities we need in a good diaper – all while being earth-friendly!

  • Fuel: The unfortunate and very sad truth is that far too many people see vehicles as a status symbol. It takes a a serious amount of energy to produce cars, but around 90% of its environmental impact is a result of fuel use and the harmful emissions that contribute to air pollution. This is one of the biggest drivers of global warming. Hemp has been used to create methanol/ethanol, and biodiesel; two forms of environmentally-friendly fuels that we can use in our cars. In fact, biodiesel is the only form of alternative fuel that can be used on conventional diesel engines. When it burns, biodiesel exhaust is actually pleasant and isn’t harmful to the human body.

  • Insulation: Many of the materials we actually use to reduce our energy consumption, in the form of insulation, are actually producers of greenhouse gases. Extruded polystyrene is one of the most commonly used insulation materials, and it’s also one of the worst. It’s estimated to have a global warming potential (GWP) that is around 1,430 times higher than carbon dioxide. We should be using hemp fiberboards instead: not only are they better for the environment, but it’s stronger and lighter, plus it’s water-resistant.

  • Beauty products: Women’s beauty products are actually one of the most toxic things we use on a daily basis. Take nail polish, for instance: many nail polish formulas contain dibutyl phthalate (DB), toluene (which is actually a paint thinner), and formaldehyde, all of which can cause cancer. Use nail polish with hemp oil instead; it contains natural ingredients that keep your skin looking great without exposing you nor the environment to any risks. Skincare and makeup are two more culprits in the beauty industry. That facial wash you’re using with microbeads? They actually use polyethylene, which is a plastic compound to make these beads. After you’ve used them, they end up in the lakes and rivers, only adding to pollution. Other ingredients used include BHA, triclosan, and synthetic fragrances which are bad for you AND the environment. Opting for skin care and makeup with hempseed oil will do wonders for your skin, prevent aging, and feed your skin with important nutrients. Making more conscious decisions about what you put into your skin and body will go a long way.

What other things do you consume on a daily basis do you think can be replaced with hemp?








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