5 Ways to Get Rid of That Marijuana Smell Fast

how to get rid of weed smell

One aspect of cannabis that regularly attracts more than the attention cannabis users bargained for is the smell of cannabis. Cannabis has a very strong and distinct scent though recently different cannabis strains are being developed to have scents like berries, citrus, and other fruity scents. Depending on the situation and how well it’s dealt with marijuana scents can put users in a world of trouble. For example, a cannabis user can be evicted from a rented apartment by if the landlord has a no smoking policy, or if fellow tenants lodge complaints concerning the marijuana smell.

Many cannabis users, therefore, are usually faced with the problem of how to get rid of the smell of cannabis or how best to ensure that the smell does not get infused into fabrics. The major reason for this is to reduce the problems associated with the stereotypic views that many have concerning cannabis. Though acceptance seems to be gradually increasing in different regions, there is still a need to be wise with such things. This is why we will be looking into different ways and steps that can be taken to get rid of the cannabis smell.

Use of Vaporizers

The major problem of the smell of cannabis comes largely when it is being smoked via a joint or blunt. The smoke dissipates carrying the scent along. One good way to reduce this is through the use of vaporizers. Vaporizers do not completely ensure that there is no production of smoke but there is a great reduction in the amount of smoke produced. The reduction in the amount of smoke produced when a vaporizer is used ensures that there is a reduction in the amount of the cannabis smell that can be perceived either on fabrics or outside the apartment.

Use of Smoke Buddy or Sploof

Cannabis users have long been faced with the problems of the smoke that comes with smoking a joint or blunt which is why experts developed different ways to deal with the smoke. One of those ways is the use of a smoke buddy which is a cheap and portable way to get rid of the smoke when enjoying a blunt or joint. The mechanism of a smoke buddy is very simple because the smoke from cannabis is directly blown into them reducing the chances of the cannabis odor filling the room.

Another mechanism that can be used to deal with the smoke of cannabis like the smoke buddy is the sploof. A sploof is actually very simple to make by any cannabis user because all that is required is a toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, and a rubber band. A sploof is a common sight with many cannabis users because like the smoke buddy it is made to reduce the amount of cannabis smoke that gets into the immediate environment.

Use of Scented Products

When it comes to the scent of cannabis, other scented materials can be used to counter the scent and completely mask the cannabis odor. An example of such is the use of air fresheners which is regularly used by many cannabis users. Air fresheners contain a good mix of strong and pleasant odors that work together to fill up a room with your desired scent and get rid of any foul or unwanted odor. Another scented product that can be used to mask the scent of cannabis is incense. This is a natural solution that contains a mix of different scented materials like cinnamon, myrrh, musk, and a host of other materials. The aromas from incense counteract the odor of cannabis, purifying the room, and removing unwanted odors. Finally, another cheap and affordable scented product that can be used to deal with the scent of cannabis is scented candles. As a regular cannabis user, you should have these around because apart from illuminating and beautifying the house, they can also easily mask the odor of cannabis.

Smoke in Closed Places

There are different places in the house where you can smoke a blunt with less risk of the smoke dissipating and carrying the smell everywhere. One such place is the shower with the water running. When hot water is running from the shower a conducive and relaxing environment is produced for you to enjoy your blunt or joint. Aside from the environment, however, the shower helps to cover the scent of cannabis without the need for a smoke buddy, sploof, or scented material.  

If the goal is to smoke a blunt or joint in the house without having to worry that the scent of cannabis will fill the house, fabrics, and cushions, then where you smoke matters. Ventilation of the area where you wish to smoke is very important because it accounts for how easily the cannabis smoke will be dispersed into the air without the risk of buildup of the smoke. This is why fans and air purifiers are very important because they will help to ensure that the smoke doesn’t buildup and take over the house.

Use of Burnt Popcorn

Many may consider this approach as very drastic but it has proven to be very efficient in dealing with the smoke that comes with cannabis. The principle with the use of burnt popcorn is to have a stronger scent take over the house as opposed to the odor of cannabis. It must be understood that the smell of burnt popcorn tends to stay for a long time. Therefore, any cannabis user who wishes to use the smell of burnt popcorn to mask the smell of cannabis must have a way to also get rid of the smell of the burnt popcorn.

These are just some of the ways that you can deal with the smell that comes with the use of marijuana. It should also be stated that there are other forms of cannabis products such as cannabis edibles that can be used without any issue of smell that is associated  with smoking.

What do you think of these techniques of dealing with marijuana’s smell? Will you be trying any of these soon, or do you know of other methods. Drop your opinion in the comment section below.







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