Are Dragon Balls The Most Powerful Cannabis Extracts In The World?

Are Dragon Balls The Most Powerful Cannabis Extracts In The World?

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These unique concentrates named after the cult favorite manga should be in the bucket list of any cannabis extract connoisseur.

Meet the Dragon Ball, a 3,000-gram orb-like ball that contains an impressive THC content of 99%. Manufactured by Seattle’s X-tracted Labs, these balls start out as another famous concentrate called The Clear and undergo an extraction process that eliminates all the compounds of the cannabis plant except for the cannabinoids. It’s then poured into spherical glass orbs which make it look like these incredible amber Dragon Balls.

Also known as The Pure, The Clear is made using a different process that separates it from other concentrates such as wax, hash, and shatter. It uses a distillation process known as the short path distillation which refines and separates molecules. Distillation makes use of heat to vaporize the cannabinoids and once it becomes vapor, a distillation cooling system collects it and removes plant matter, chlorophyll, and other residue resulting in a very pure concentrate. In fact, the process used to make THC distillate isn’t new – it’s been around for years and is typically applied to manufacturing alcohol but its use in cannabis is fairly new.

Even though its magical appearance can titillate the senses, what makes the Dragon Ball so special is its flavor and aroma. Thanks to its rich terpene content, the experience consuming this concentrate is heightened to new levels, offering a one-of-a-kind treat because other kinds of extraction processes destroy the terpenes and other volatile compounds in the cannabis plant.

The guys behind X-tracted Labs reintroduce the terpenes once the extraction process is finished in order to create custom flavor profiles and effects. In doing so, they are refining the entire experience because terpenes have the ability to enhance the natural properties of a strain. But this is why Dragon Balls are so appealing to veteran stoners; appreciating its nuanced effects takes some knowledge and time with the plant.  

What Are Terpenes?

The term terpenes may be new to novice potheads. However, these compounds are found in so many other plants including cannabis. They are produced in the resin glands of the plant, which creates the aroma you smell in lavender, for example. The various kinds of terpenes available are responsible for producing the aromas and flavors of plants, but they also interact with CBD and THC, as well as the other cannabinoids to produce different effects once consumed. But depending on the type and quantity of terpenes used, the THC content of a strain will affect you in a diferent way.

The cannabis industry is beginning to learn about terpenes and how they can be modified and manipulated to create different effects other than what you get from a certain strain. This is why more manufacturers are isolating terpenes and add it back to the solution to make many different kinds of extracts and concentrates today, including the Dragon Ball. The process gives manufacturers more control over the effects of the final product. Using The Clear as a base, Dragon Balls are then made by combining it with various terpene combinations to mimic effects of certain strains. When you add terpenes from Super Lemon Haze, for example you’ll get that delicious lemony flavor and enjoy the famous positive and uplifting high that it’s known for.

How To Consume Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls can be consumed through two methods: vaping and dabbing. These are already popular forms of smoking cannabis: vaping involves heating air around the concentrate to a certain desired temperature which releases the compounds in cannabis without combustion, while dabbing heats up the concentrates to very high temperatures. The fumes are then inhaled using a dab rig.

Why The Dragon Ball Is Important For The Cannabis Industry

Developing Dragon Balls and other similar concentrates are important for the future of the cannabis industry because they provide an entirely customizable solution not just for recreational consumers, but for patients as well. These products can be tailored to provide a desired effect thanks to the terpenes used; and, when combined with other cannabinoids, can give patients a variety of potent clinical benefits. Medical professionals can then use these products to improve a patient’s symptoms, which result in infinite possibilities for treating disorders.







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