Cannabis Patches – Your Complete Guide (Updated)

Cannabis Patches – Your Complete Guide (Updated)

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The use of cannabis transdermal patches is easily one of the most revolutionary methods of administering cannabis.

Decades ago, we were confined to consuming pot in flower form. But with cannabis patches, we can enjoy therapeutic relief from this ancient herb simply by applying it on our skin. Cannabis patches are now being widely used to treat a range of conditions, especially the debilitating pain associated with fibromyalgia and nerve pain.

But that’s not the only thing these miraculous patches can treat.

If you’re considering using cannabis patches, here’s a comprehensive guide to buying and choosing one that’s fit for your needs:

Cannabis Transdermal Patches: What Are They?

You’re probably already familiar with nicotine patches. Just like nicotine patches, cannabis patches allow you to administer doses of cannabis through an adhesive placed on your skin. Once it’s on your skin, it releases accurate, controlled doses of cannabinoids into your bloodstream.

Cannabis patches are usually small squares that come in skin colors, and can be adhered on any part of the body with veins. Because of the way the medicine is administered, these are efficient yet discreet ways of medicating. Cannabis patches also have high bioavailability, offering an improved delivery method of terpenes and cannabinoids into the body.

Benefits Of Cannabis Patches

Cannabis patches isn’t just a trendy way to medicate. These clever little things actually do a lot of good. Transdermal delivery, cannabis or not, goes straight to the bloodstream and offers quicker relief because it doesn’t have to be metabolized by the digestive or respiratory systems.

If you’ve never tried cannabis patches, here are some benefits that you should consider:

  • Dosage: No matter how far we get into developing cannabis technologies, dosage still remains one of the haziest issues out there. However, cannabis patches are made with precise, measured doses of cannabis, allowing you to have more control over your medication. With the exception of only very few products like edibles, there’s very little else in the market that can give you dosage control the way cannabis transdermal patches do. And unlike edibles, when you feel like the effects of the patch are too strong, all you need to do is remove it. Voila! Problem solved.
  • Slow-release: Other forms of consuming cannabis, like ingesting, smoking, or inhaling, mean that the strains’ effects tend to hit you like a train. You never know when it’s going to come, and it’s difficult to stop. But with patches, the targeted doses are released slowly over a specific period of time.
  • Longer lasting: When you smoke pot, the effects can last as much as three hours or more. Edibles, even up to 10 hours. Cannabis patches can last as long or short as you wish, which is ideal for patients who require consistent doses of pain medicine throughout the day without having to worry about taking another dose.

Choosing Cannabis Patches

There are a handful of cannabis patches available in the market today. These are made by infusing isolates or cannabis oils into an adhesive patch, which is just like a nicotine or birth control patch. But unlike these products, there are hardly any clinical trials that have been conducted to test the efficacy of patches. Regardless, there are countless customer testimonials attesting to the therapeutic benefits of cannabis patches.

Choosing the right kind of cannabis patch is important in order to get the most medicinal benefit that you need. For example, a patch infused with high levels of CBD is helpful for treating anxiety or epilepsy. On the other hand, if you suffer from appetite loss, you should go for a cannabis patch high in THC.

Many other patches in the market contain varying ratios of THC to CBD, and they each have their own benefits. There are also cannabinoid patches that include just CBN or THCA. Some patches offer relief for 8 hours while others last for even longer than that.

Using Cannabis Patches

Using patches is pretty easy. As long as you choose the dose and cannabinoid ratio that works for you, all you need to do is follow the package directions. If you’re new to the world of cannabis, it would help to talk to an experienced medical professional if you still have any questions.

Once you’re ready, place the patch on a fatty layer of skin over the affected area. Some of the ideal locations on the body for using a patch include the wrist, lower abdomen, or shoulder blade because these also give the patch excellent access to your blood vessels. But to be sure, don’t forget to read the directions.

Have you ever used a cannabis transdermal patch? What was your experience like? Share with us in the comments below!







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