Cannabis Tampons Are Coming, Are You Ready?

Whoopi Goldberg Launches Cannabis Tampons to Help Women

The cannabis industry has been owned mostly by Caucasian men since it launched with the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. However, that does not mean that there aren’t women out there changing the game. Whoopi Goldberg, decorated celebrity and winner of an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, and an Emmy, has announced that she will be entering the cannabis industry.

Tired of the male-dominated field, Goldberg teamed up with Maya Elisabeth, a Californian entrepreneur that had already broken into the industry of feminine cannabis products. Having founded Om Edibles, an all-female run organization in Northern California, Elisabeth is a veteran of the field. That made her the perfect business partner for Goldberg, and that is when the name “Whoopi & Maya” was born.

The two women opened their store in San Francisco and their hope is to encapsulate femininity in their cannabis products. The THC-infused tampons have caught the attention of the press, but the ladies have more to offer than cramp-curing feminine products. They also plan on releasing a number of other products, including relaxing cannabis-infused tea, marijuana chocolates, tincture, and a THC-riddled bath soak. So whether you are a man or a woman, you can expect something special for yourself in Whoopi & Maya’s shop.

You will not be able to get those cannabis-infused tampons right away though, unfortunately. Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth are currently in the process of launching their products, meaning they are not available to the general public yet. There are a few stores where the products are being tested, though, and you may be able to find them there. The shops where Whoopi and Maya’s products are available are: C.R.A.F.T. Collective (the delivery service), 

Oakland’s Blum dispensary, CBCB in Berkeley, and Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood.

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