CBD and Marijuana Facts You Should Know

CBD and Marijuana Facts You Should Know

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The medical use of marijuana has now been legalized in many places of the world. Recreational use slowly but surely makes its way into state legislation as well. And this fact is far from surprising, because everybody who knows a thing or two about this incredible plant would hardly be surprised by the fact that it now boasts no less than fifty proven health benefits. Even where marijuana use is still illegal, it continues to top the list of methods to alleviate certain issues. Let’s take a closer look at its chemical content, effects and how one can benefit from using it. 


The dried flower of the cannabis plant that we are used to calling marijuana has the mindblowing content of over 500 chemicals. Some of those have a mind-altering effect, others don’t. Here are the main representatives of each kind. THC, which is short for delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, enters your bloodstream from the lungs when you smoke pot. It is the main psychoactive agent, responsible for getting “high”. It does so by stimulating the pleasure centers in the brain, which in turn results in dopamine release that causes the elevated feeling. The strength of THC effect will vary in each individual case, depending on whether the plant was smoked or eaten, how potent the strain is, as well as personal characteristics of the individual consuming it. On the basis of that, the person might experience relaxed feelings, anxiety, panic, or even hallucinations.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the other well-known cannabis compound, which doesn’t have a psychotropic effect when taken. If you are curious about its way of operating, CBD Methods has some awesome information on the topic. You might be surprised to find out CBD can actually counteract any THC-induced symptoms and behaviors. It will also successfully deal with any paranoid or anxious feelings that have occurred as a result of the THC intake. It is also the compound that is touted with the numerous health benefits that marijuana has, especially useful in battling chemotherapy side effects and epilepsy.

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Smoking Marijuana

Smoking and vaping are the fastest ways to get marijuana into your system and experience its effects. THC travels to the brain through blood in a manner of minutes, even seconds, so one can get high extremely quickly. This state of euphoria peaks about half an hour from its onset and takes anything from an hour to four hours to wear off.

It is also surprising that there are different ways to smoke marijuana as well. It can either go into a cigarette or a pipe, and there are also the more unorthodox ways of burning a high-THC content sticky resin that’s obtained from the plant or replacing the contents of a regular cigar with marijuana.

You Can Eat Or Drink It As Well

When you ingest marijuana, the effect of THC kicks in more slowly because the substance has to pass through the digestive tract first. Whereas this means that you might need to wait up to an hour or two to get high, it also means that the state is likely to last twice the time or up to the impressive eight hours at a time. Eating cannabis often involves getting it into baked goods, and drinking – making it into tea.

Regardless of the form in which marijuana enters the body and gets to the brain, a couple of things need to be remembered. One is that whatever effect alcohol has on a certain individual, cannabis is going to intensify it. Interactions with other medications are also possible, resulting in bleeding or the poor effect of antibacterial agents. Cannabis consumption before driving is also not advisable, as the motor skills and concentration of the driver are bound to be affected by THC.

Marijuana For Pain And Addiction

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As chronic pain is a great source of disability in the population, more and more studies are focused on determining how cannabis can help treat this grave condition. It turns out that cannabinoid-containing products have the capacity to treat chronic pain because they affect the same receptors in the brain that are responsible for our unpleasant experiences with pain. For debilitating pain, especially in the cases of terminal patients, this works miracles in improving the quality of life. It is very often a matter of surviving. You can find a great resource on medical marijuana at https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/features/medical-marijuana-uses.

Surprising as may seem, alcohol and opioid addicts can benefit by fighting their addictions with the help of marijuana. This needs to be applied with care, as we already mentioned the opioid effect of THC itself, which can turn into an addiction itself, should it be left unchecked. CBD products are great in this respect and should be preferred as the safe and healthy alternative to their mind-altering counterparts. Social anxiety, epillepsy, metabolic and weight issues, as well as different brain disorders have all been positively affected by introducing CBD and marijuana treatment. It has even been introduced into various autism therapies. Depression and panic attacks too benefit from CBD in the same way and with considerable results.   

Getting Hold Of Medical Marijuana

For those states, countries and places where using cannabis for medical purposes has been approved, you can purchase marijuana products in a variety of forms, such as oils, cookies, candies, baked goods, etc. These products have a very low, non-toxic amount of high quality cannabis compounds, which are responsible for the medical effect. However, in order to be able to purchase medical cannabis products, one needs a signed medical marijuana card, signed by a qualified healthcare provider. Note that rules and procedures for issuing one will vary depending on your location.

Last but not least, make sure the dispensaries you are visiting are 100 per cent legitimate. Because they are the only ones that can guarantee the origin and quality of the products on offer. If you are tempted to obtain cannabis illegally, think again, as you are hardly going to receive a safe and beneficial plant material. Always put your health and safety first.  







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