City Of Vancouver Files Injunctions To Close Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

vancouver bc medical marijuanaLast month the City of Toronto raided dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries. Yesterday the City of Vancouver filed injunctions to try to shut down several medical marijuana dispensaries operating in the city. Below is a news release that was put out by the City of Vancouver:

Since April 29, 31 medical-marijuana related use (MMRU) retail stores operating in non-zone compliant locations have complied with City instructions to close. Fifty-five stores continue to operate, contrary to closure instructions, and continue to face enforcement actions.

Enforcement update

On May 31, injunctions were filed to compel closure of 17 of the 55 MMRU retail businesses that have remained open after the April 29 closure deadline. These locations were prioritized based on proximity to approved MMRU development permits, community feedback, and response to enforcement actions to date. Some of these locations are the source of regular noise and nuisance complaints or have been uncooperative with our inspection staff.

We continue to inspect and ticket stores that remain open after their closure deadline. To date, 246 bylaw violation tickets have been issued. Stores that do not close voluntarily will be subject to legal action.

List of injunctions filed

  1. BC Pain Society, 2908 Commercial Drive
  2. Buddha’s Sister – House of Cannabis, 2918 W. 4th Avenue
  3. Cannabis Culture / The Healing Tree, 512 Beatty Street
  4. Divine Ventures, 8640 Granville Street
  5. Green Cross Society BC, 2145 Kingsway
  6. Health Lifestyle Dispensary, 1092 Kingsway
  7. Imedikate, 6128 Fraser Street
  8. Lotusland Cannabis Club, 3474 W. Broadway
  9. Sea to Sky Dispensary & Lounge, 100 – 68 E. 2nd Avenue
  10. The Healing Tree, 8180 Champlain Crescent
  11. Vancity Medicinals, 1299 Kingsway
  12. Weeds Glass & Gifts, 1232 Burrard Street
  13. Weeds Glass & Gifts, 104 – 1807 Burrard Street
  14. Weeds Glass & Gifts, 2580 Kingsway
  15. Weeds Glass & Gifts, 6657 Main Street
  16. Weeds Glass & Gifts, 1108 Richards Street
  17. Weeds Glass & Gifts, 405 Skeena Street

Permits and licensing update

Ten development permits have been issued under the zoning regulations adopted in June 2015, and another 11 full development permit applications are under review.  All 21 proposals are located in permitted commercial zones and at least 300 metres away from schools, community centres, neighbourhood houses, and other zoning-compliant medical-marijuana applications.

The first business licence for a medical-marijuana related retail use was issued in mid-May 2016. The business located at 4545 West 10th Ave is licenced under the retail dealer licence category.

Three business licence applications for the compassion club business category are under review.

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