Dealing with Dealers – The Good, the Bad the WTF!

Dealing with Dealers – The Good, the Bad the WTF!


For those who are unlucky to live in a prohibition state, you have to deal with dealers to get your cannabis. Depending on where you live, this could either be a simply purchase or an ordeal. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to deal with dealers. Of course, every person will have a different experience but think of this as ‘general advice’.

We’ll break this down into dealer stereotypes and take it from there.

The Hookup

The hookup is a person you know who can get weed. They might be growing it themselves or getting it from somewhere. They are the middle man.

The hookup usually won’t cause you any problems. They will simply get you your weed, skim off a bit on the top and will wait until you run out to get you some more. If the hookup is pro, he’ll also deliver to your home.

With a hookup you simply have to realize that you’ll always be skimmed out of weed when you buy it. It won’t be a lot, just a gram or so. This is an unspoken “weed tax” that has endured for generations. It’s definitely okay.

With a hookup, you’ll want to keep a casual relationship. Never engage profoundly with them, unless they are ‘cool’. I try to keep a decent distance between me and the hookup because hookups can come and go. Just keep it casual.

The Dealer

Where a hookup typically only sells weed, the dealer has a wider product range. Dealers come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are ‘from the street’ while others are just fuckin weird. I once knew a dealer who thought he was a biologist and would always start talking about shit he didn’t understand.

While you can’t simply say, “Shut up dude and give me my shit!”, you have to endure their pseudo-philosophical rants. With a dealer you want to keep it ‘business-like’. You don’t want to seem too friendly but you also don’t want to come off as an asshole.

What I do when I’m dealing with dealers is I always have “something to do afterwards”. My conversations usually goes something like, “Hey man how are you?” [The dealer responds]. “That’s great…me…I got a BUSY day today, so many errands to run but I’m glad I could get a hookup before I got to get back to it all!”

Now, I have limited the dealer’s ability to engage further. They know I’m in a rush and so they usually just sell me what I need and I can get out of there as soon as possible.

Furthermore, a dealer usually makes a profit off the drugs they sell. This means that the risk factor of police is higher. I do not want to be close to a #PigMagnet.

So just get in, get out and go about your day.

The Grower

Growers are exceptional people to know. They can become friends. However, a grower will only let those they trust near them. If you’re lucky enough to know a grower, that means he or she has a certain level of trust towards you.

Growers are a different breed. While some grow for money, others grow for art. They have a different understanding about cannabis and will always provide you with quality.

They might be more expensive, especially if they grow for themselves but decided to sell you a bit on the sideline. That’s okay, you’re paying for quality and purity.

I’ve had long conversations with growers, mainly because I’m a rookie grower myself.

If you’re lucky enough to know a grower, then it’s okay to be friendly.

The Junkie

Just don’t…

If you don’t want to deal with dealers

These I guess are the main stereotypes of dealers. I might have forgotten about a few. However, if you don’t want to deal with dealers at all, you can always start growing your own weed.

I have managed to pull out two full ounces of supreme weed in my closet. Sure, it takes time and patience and you might have to deal with a few hookups until your crops are ready, but once you have a good cycle going you will never need to buy weed again.

Even if you won’t grow permanently, growing at least once will provide a unique perspective on cannabis. You’ll know what quality is, you’ll know if the weed’s been cured, you’ll be savvier when buying weed in the future.

They say that smoking cannabis isn’t addictive but growing it is. It’s true, the cannabis plant is an amazing thing and watching it develop into a mature lush female is an eye-opening experience.

Nonetheless, the advice given above is just from personal experience and I’d love to hear about the crazy people you’ve met along the way. Let me know in the comment section.







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