Does Cannabis Help Overcome Fears and Phobias or Make Them Worse?

Can Cannabis Help Overcome Fear and Phobias?

cannabis for fear and phobias

Yes, we live in uncertain times. Lot’s have been written lately over the uncertainty of Covid-19 and whatnot. I do not want to write over that again. I rather want to address the topic of fear that can escalate so fast into something worse. At this moment, everyone is in isolation sort of. Many countries have gone into complete lockdown. This is where fear comes in. Doesn’t it feel in a way that we are losing our freedom and self-control? Now we can’t just get in a car and run away to a serene spot or visit a friend or family member. We are subjected to the laws of the authority and can only do essential shopping. If we would allow this uncertainty to manifest in our minds, we jeopardize our health. And if we are not careful, Covid-19 alone might not be the problem. Our fears of the uncertainty could create havoc on our immune system too.

What are Fears and Phobias?

Phobias and fears are not new under us. More than millions of people and animals have at least one fear or phobia they are suffering from. In fact, phobias are one of the most recognizable mental illness people are diagnosed with. But when the fear is irrational of something harmless that escalated in a full-blown phobia, it becomes more problematic. People often experience an overwhelming sense of panic when faced with the thing they are afraid of. This type of anxiety attack raises the heartbeat, causes dry mouth, nausea, and dizziness. For many, it affects their lives in such a way that they can´t live a normal healthy life as they are afraid to go anywhere that can trigger the fear again.

Some fears might be ridiculous to others, but a real threat to the one dealing with it. Like the fear of not having access to your loved ones or your cell phone. Or the fear of people with beards or dark rooms. When a person comes to a severe fear of something, treatment is necessary. The good news is that cannabis can provide that treatment.

How do Fears and Phobias begin?

Quite often, a fear or a phobia started when you were a child. Something triggered a stressful experience or frightening event that got stuck in your mind. Or sometimes it is the unconscious transferal of a phobia or fear from a parent or any other adult to the child.

Our brains act very much like a computer and the fearful memory gets stored. When a frightening experience occurs, it triggers the memory so deeply stored away. This recalled memory might not be useful to the adult later in life, but it recalls and triggers the same emotion and becomes an irrational fear.

One Such Fear is Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder where you avoid situations or places that could let you feel trapped, embarrassed, or helpless because of the panic you experience. These include:

Enclosed or open spaces

Being in a crowd

Using public transport like a bus, airplane, or subway

Standing in a line

Being in public places

This type of condition developed overtime after a few panic attacks were experienced. The fear of being in the abovementioned places become so overwhelming that you can’t leave home alone. When you get to this stage, it is hard to live a normal life and help is needed. The fear can get so out of control that just looking at a picture of a place with many people could trigger an anxiety attack.

Often, when a person struggles with a phobia that leads to anxiety attacks, other phobias also start to tag along. At this point, the person struggles to cope with life and therapy and treatment are necessary to deal with the problem.

How Can Cannabis Help?

Most people will turn to some form of therapy by going to a psychologist or therapist. All sorts of meds will be used to deal with the symptoms of anxiety. Medical cannabis can also be included in the list of treatments available today. In therapy, psychologists and psychiatrists will target the symptoms that bring fear and anxiety. Patients are helped to manage and understand their fears that ignite anxiety attacks.

When cannabis is used to treat phobias, it is necessary to understand the science behind it to know how it works on anxiety and fear. Both THC and CBD are effective in treating fear and anxiety.

THC for Fear and Anxiety Treatment

In several studies, it was noticed that THC has the power to treat phobias. The study found that apart from treating the symptoms of fear and anxiety, THC also has the ability to help phobia sufferers to overcome their fears entirely.

CBD for Fear and Anxiety Treatment

Related studies also proved that CBC has the ability to inhibit fear expression in patients. It also produces longer-lasting reductions in fear. CBD can also block additional anxiety caused by THC experienced by some.

After Thoughts

Cannabis could be a very helpful aid in helping you to overcome fear or anxiety. A relaxed state of mind has a positive effect on your immune system. In the times we are in right now, a healthy immune system is crucially important.







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