Don’t Miss The Oregon Medical Marijauna Business Conference In Portland This September

ommbc oregon medical marijuana businss conference portlandAlex Rogers and Anthony Johnson are two long-time cannabis activists that have been working to end the War on Marijuana for years. Alex was mentored by the late Jack Herer and Anthony was the Chief Petitioner and a co-author of the Measure 91 legalization measure. In addition to working to protect and improve Oregon’s marijuana laws, the two also put on business conferences that always have a focus upon activism. They put on both the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference (OMMBC) and the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), a recipient of our 2014 Marijuana Event of the Year. The OMMBC will have a ton of important information while also provide fun opportunities to network. I highly encourage everyone in the Oregon marijuana industry, or thinking of jumping in, to attend the OMMBC this September.

Per Marijuana Politics:

The 4th Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference (OMMBC) kicks off in Portland at the downtown Hilton, September 12th to the 13th. The OMMBC has sold out in previous years in both Ashland and Eugene and heads to Portland for the first time. I am proud to help organize the OMMBC as it always provides great information for those in the cannabis industry, but most importantly, it always has a strong focus on activism and remembering that marijuana law reform is really about protecting patients and keeping people out of prison.

The OMMBC will feature entrepreneurs, lawyers, politicians and advocates to provide an overview of where Oregon’s marijuana laws are currently and where they are headed. Recent legislation has altered the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) in some key ways, bringing new regulation and rules to labs, producers and processors. We will have people on hand that have worked in the Oregon medical industry and those that have helped shape the laws and those studying to help businesses adapt to the new landscape.

The timing of the OMMBC is perfect as it occurs just about two weeks before medical marijuana dispensaries should be allowed to sell cannabis flower to adults over the age of 21 on October 1st and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission Rules Advisory Committee hearings will be well underway, giving us a good ideas as to how the recreational rules are shaping up. The OLCC RAC should complete its work by November 1st, giving the state plenty of time to finalize the licensing rules and regulations by the January 4, 2016, deadline. In addition to Oregon-specific knowledge, Congressman Earl Blumenaur and former Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray, will both be on hand to discuss the national prospective.

The OMMBC is Oregon’s premiere cannabis business and networking event, catering to cannabis professionals, as well as curious newbies looking to get into the industry. Along with a boutique exhibition area and nightly networking parties, the OMMBC creates an environment that is not only educational, but fun and exciting. Not your average business conference, that’s for sure. Tickets are currently $ 299. Head over to for more information and to get your tickets before prices go up.

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