Dropping Acid with My Mom – Bucket List #3 Now Gone

Dropping Acid with Your Mom – A Reginald Reefer Encounter

dropping acid with mom

How to Set up the Perfect Psychedelic Experience

The other week one of the writers (The Undercover Stoner) here at Cannabis.net wrote about his “bucket list” and smoking with his mom. Smoking with his mom was on top of his list. Fortunately, for me, I have already achieved this feat roughly ten years ago.

In fact, I even wrote about how you can convince your parents to smoke weed in an earlier article once. However, upping the ante, I decided to go that step further and see if it was possible to try psychedelics with my mom.

As you may know, I have been dabbling in psychedelics for roughly as long as I have been smoking weed. Give or take twenty years.

While my mom was definitely not opposed to me consuming psychedelics, a bad brownie experience made her not so convinced that psychedelics was a good thing. I told her that “greening out” and “tripping” are two entirely separate experiences.

Nonetheless, on her 60th birthday, she dropped her first acid. In fact, she ended up taking 2 hits the entire weekend. How did she feel about the experience?

In her own words, “I can’t believe that I kept myself from doing this all this time based on what the government told us about psychedelics!”

Now, it’s important to understand that you won’t be simply able to walk up to your folks and say, “Wanna drop acid?” This approach would never work. In my mom’s case, it took her about 10 years to get in the right headspace to be daring enough to try it.

However, when she finally told me that she was interested, it was my job to ensure that her experience would be one that would cement the idea of psychedelic exploration. And so I went to work.

How to have a FANTASTIC Psychedelic Experience

There are a few things that are absolutely necessary when it comes to a psychedelic experience, whether you’re consuming LSD, psilocybin, mescaline or DMT. Here’s the quick list:

  • Setting – It’s important to have a place that is safe and comfortable. Some people like tripping at clubs, however, when you’re in a psychedelic state you are very “open” to the setting. Meaning, if cops come and bust down the doors at the club you’re at…it’s going to influence your trip in a negative way. Thus, finding a safe and somewhat secluded space is ideal.
  • People – Next, you’ll need to have fellow trippers that won’t kill your trip. Some people are not meant for psychedelics. In fact, I don’t recommend that anybody just takes a psychedelic without properly understanding the dynamics involved. If someone is tripping for the sake of tripping, it’s not someone who will be making your experience more profound. If you like to trip like a kid, it’s okay…but there’s a lot of wealth to be found within the experience for those with the right motivation.
  • Preparedness – Finally, you don’t want to be doing things when you’re tripping. Pre-roll your joints, make your food beforehand and ensure that everything you’ll need is already taken care of. The less you have to worry about the better your tripping experience.

When you cover all of these points and have good psychedelics on hand…you’re in for a good time.

How to Prepare a 60 year old for their first psychedelic experience

Next, it was important to make sure that my mom was prepared for the experience. The nearest-hallucinogenic experience she had in the past was an “overdose of potent brownies”. While hallucinations are common in this experience, it’s nothing compared to the LSD hallucination.

Thus, I first had to make her forget about the previous “bad trip” and ensure her that with a psychedelic “you’re still there…in control…just tripping”.

Next, I gave her some homework to study on beforehand. She did some basic research on LSD and found it’s mostly benign in terms of physical toll. I also sent her links from “Psyched Substance” on Youtube, since he does a fine job at explaining psychedelics so I don’t have to.

Finally, I told her to remove all expectation and rather focus on intention. What this does is create a “psychedelic goal” that fades into the background and amplifies the experience. In her case, “trying something I have never done to create new cycles”.

This was her main motivator for the trip and as a result, she achieved it. After the initial onset, I saw her laugh and let go. She was smiling in a way she hasn’t smiled in a long time, experiencing something new for the first time in decades.

She was thankful for the experience and is open to doing it again in the future. However, as I mentioned earlier, not everybody is ready for psychedelics. Don’t try to force people to try something they don’t want. I had to wait 10 years and continually speak to her, explaining these concepts for her to be ready. I never pushed, simply provided insight.

For my Stoner’s Bucket List…I think dropping Acid with Mom is definitely in the top 3.







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