Drug Busts – Big Headlines But a Waste of Taxpayers’ Time and Money

Drug Busts – A Waste of Taxpayer Time and Money

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In the long standing war against humanity –  or commonly known as “prohibition” –  we have been subjected to relentless policies that have raped our freedoms with the veiny cock of militarism. Under the guise of “security”, we the people have continued to support our abusers similar to how victims of spousal violence remain loyal to their aggressors.

We submit ourselves to a faceless authority that deems our individual actions a “crime against the state” while simultaneously peddling us drugs that have more side-effects than benefit. Anal Leakage anyone?

However, one of the most egregious violations of our intelligence comes in the form of “Drug Busts”. Every week you’ll hear about another “Big Bust” discovered by some random means. A photo op with all of the drugs laid out and a bunch of cops smiling ear to ear usually follow.  A statement by some higher up will say something along the lines of, “With the help of our loyal officers, we have been able to clean the streets and get rid of drugs destined for our communities!”

I’m sure within their minds they are the “heroes of the day!” The last line of defense against a shadow that creeps from the south and poisons our future. If it weren’t for the brave boys in blue, we all would be firmly trampled underneath the boot of addiction.

Thus, every single time they make a bust and remove “40 pounds of weed” or “2 pounds of coke” off the streets; they celebrate and collect a big fat check from their Uncle with the deep pockets – Sam I Am!

What to do when you find yourself in a Circle Jerk?

While these police officers and lawmakers may believe that they are “doing the good work”, the truth of the matter is that they are merely affirming their inefficiency in stopping the flow of drugs.

The metrics that cops use to justify their actions boil down the amount of “seizures” in any given timeframe. In other words, they will judge their efficiency based on the frequency of busts and the amount of drugs confiscated.

Then, they inflate the value of these drugs to create an “economic perspective” by establishing a potential “street value” of the drugs. These estimates are typically five to ten times more expensive than they would truly be either due to dishonest math, or ignorance on the actual price of drugs or a combination of both.

Thus, at the end of the year – If cops managed to stop a few tons of drugs coming into the US each year, they think they are “winning the war on drugs”.

But if your goal is to have sex, masturbating by yourself won’t get you any closer to your goal. And this is exactly what Drug Busts are – pure, unadulterated judicial masturbation!

The very metrics that the police use to justify their efficiency are the same used to showcase how inefficient they truly are.

Allow me to explain.

Why More Drug Seizures is a bad thing?

One would think that “More Drugs Seized” is a victory. However, when you understand that Cartels tend to donate 20% of their goods to law enforcement, it means that roughly 80% of it will reach its destination.  What we mean by “donate” is that cartels purposefully let some of their cargo get held up by law enforcement for the sake of allowing them to move the rest of the drugs when law enforcement is busy confiscating their current seizure.

This is a very well-known tactic – and law enforcement knows this. However, they will hardly ever let the general public know this because it would reduce the efficacy of their “drug bust circle jerk”.

Furthermore, if law enforcement increases the frequency of seizures, it only means that there has been an increase in production and an increase in demand. Every seizure in fact, becomes a stain of shame on the socks of society.

If your goal is having sex…

Here’s the thing about Drug busts. The vast majority of the “low end busts” only hurt non-violent offenders that want to make some extra money. By low end busts, we’re talking about under a hundred pounds of weed.

For those that are selling Cartel level drugs, they are hardly ever caught. They continue to operate and push their substances while the non-violent, non-cartel guys end up in jail. This doesn’t make society safer – it makes it far more dangerous.

You’re essentially creating a filter that removes the dumber, less effective criminals from the scene and maintains the deep pockets of cartels to continue to operate without any real push back. Law enforcement simply do not have the resources to fight these transnational criminal enterprises.

Thus, every time you hear about another drug bust – know, that is this is merely the Judicial system pleasuring itself at the expense of your freedom.

If winning the war was akin to having sex (within our current metaphor), then no matter how many times you jacked yourself off – you’d be no closer to achieving your goal! Sure – it’s still an orgasm, but every virginal teenager will tell you, “It’s not the same thing!”







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