Dumb Things Anti-Marijuana People Love To Say

Myths About Weed That Pot Haters Love To Say

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The perpetuated myths about cannabis has kept the industry from expanding its reach. And yes, I know that most supporters and users of cannabis most likely don’t have to be told about the lies spread over so many years. But how many of us know someone still new to the concept of using marijuana and just starting to open up to the idea of legalization. It took years to form a false concept about cannabis and it surely will take time to wipe the slate clean. Marijuana can probably be seen as the most misunderstood substance ever. So many rumors and misinformation had been spread over the year that it is close to ridiculous.

Informed users of marijuana should be sure about their facts too because a perception can’t just be changed by merely stating that the lies told about marijuana are just that- lies. They should be able to tell newcomers or those interested in knowing the truth why cannabis is so good.

With this in mind, let us look at some myths that were used in the arsenal of those opposing weed over the years. Let us clear once an all the lies that are still hanging in the air.  (You can click on each subject to read the truth about each myth.)

  • Raw Weed makes you High – The only way you can get high from consuming marijuana in any way is by heating it up. It has to be heated up and combined with a fatty substance like coconut oil to activate THC. The psychoactive THC is what makes you high.
  • Drunk driving and Stoned driving are the same – Driving under the influence of alcohol is definitely worse than driving under the influence of weed. It is a known fact that alcohol abuse lead to many fatal accidents and on average driving under the influence of alcohol cause havoc. This said it doesn’t mean driving stoned is ok. Marijuana affects many brain functions and it might not make you as irresponsible in decision-making as alcohol would do, but it would affect the way you act, it is rather better to say that smoking weed often makes people more cautious and could sometimes slow their speed down a lot. Not enough studies had been done on the effect of marijuana and driving and it is better to stay on the safe side and not drive at all when under the influence.
  • Weed kills Brain Cells– This lie was often used to assure marijuana is bad for the brain, but a study at the University of Louisville recently proved that to be totally untrue. Studies were also done to test the IQ of students when smoking pot and found that it had no influence whatsoever on lowering IQ. It is proven then- smoking weed doesn’t make you dumb or stupid.
  • Cannabis is addictive– Here we have a tough one to answer. Marijuana doesn’t have the same addictive properties as tobacco or some other highly addictive substances. There is no addiction like you would find in the classical way, but there could be an addiction like a dependency. Some studies have shown some users show a psychological or even physical dependence especially under heavy users. It could be seen as a mental attachment to weed. Like some would have an attachment to chocolates or jogging. This obviously has a lot to do with the individual’s state of mind.
  • Munchies not Real– Many times when you are with people being HIGH, you experience them laughing a lot and looking for something to eat. There are scientific studies proving that cannabis influences certain neurons in the hypothalamus stimulating hunger. It also increases senses like scent and taste. With regards to laughter, it depends very much on whether you consume an upper or downer. Uppers will give you fits of laughter and downers will let you be totally relaxed and sleepy.
  • Most consumers of Cannabis are potheads The association with people smoking weed to being potheads is blown out of proportion and a lot of that had to do with the media and the film or TV industry. The majority of cannabis consumers do it in a moderate way.
  • You can overdose and die on weed We should first understand what overdose means. It is true that if you use too much weed at any specific time you could have a weird experience. Overdose literally means using too much of anything at any given time. So overdosing on weed would mean symptoms like anxiety, dizziness, paranoia and loss of coordination. But it would never be lethal. It is not comfortable and often happens rather to inexperienced users who still doesn’t know how their bodies would react or they simply smoke to fast and too much. It is proven though that no one will die when used too much and no case is ever found on death caused by cannabis.

There are more lies told about cannabis so please, do not believe everything you hear and enlighten those who don’t know. It is always best to stay informed.






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