Five Reasons Eating Marijuana Is Actually Good for Your Health

Five Reasons Eating Marijuana Is Actually Good for Your Health

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Attitudes toward marijuana have certainly changed dramatically in recent years. In fact, a 2017 Gallup poll reveals that 64 percent of Americans support legalization. In January 1, 2018, California became the ninth state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Twenty-nine states have already legalized medical marijuana.

Even before the legalization of marijuana in the United States, its benefits have already been well documented. In fact, it has been reported that cannabis has been used medically since ancient times. The most common way to enjoy the benefits of weed is to smoke it, but do you know that there are also health benefits to eating it? Here are five reasons eating marijuana is actually good for your health.

High Vitamin, Mineral, and Fiber Content

Raw marijuana leaves are actually a great natural source of certain vitamins, minerals, and even fiber. Raw cannabis is high in vitamin C, which boosts the body’s immune system; iron, which is essential for blood oxygenation; vitamin K, which is useful in helping the body’s blood-clotting functions; fiber, which helps improve your body’s digestive health; calcium, which helps strengthen bones; and folate, which is useful for DNA repair.

Rich Source of Antioxidants

Free radicals have been linked to many serious health conditions, including heart disease and cancer. They also cause tissue damage and symptoms of aging like wrinkles. Antioxidants are important because they protect your body’s cells against free radicals.

Cannabis is a rich source of antioxidants, and you can enjoy this benefit whether you choose to consume the plant raw or cook it into your favorite brownies, cookies, and other kinds of food.

Healthier Compared to Smoking

Although smoking weed has many health benefits, the fact remains that smoking anything is still unhealthy. When hot smoke enters the lungs, it causes inflammation of the respiratory system. Also, certain studies have shown that marijuana smokers inhale it more deeply into their lungs and end up having four times more tar than those who simply smoke cigarettes.

Simply put, eating marijuana lets you enjoy the many positive effects of the plant while eliminating the health hazards involved in smoking.

Offers Long-Lasting Pain Relief

One of the most well-known benefits of marijuana is that it offers relief to pain. Eating marijuana works more effectively than smoking does when it comes to providing long-lasting effects. People who smoke weed experience the notable high between one to two hours, but the effects of eating marijuana can last from four to six hours.

If you have chronic muscle spasms and pain, then eating marijuana can be the long-term solution you need. Keep in mind, however, that eating marijuana takes longer to take effect compared to smoking it, so it may not be as useful if you need immediate pain relief.

Fights Cancer

Clinical studies conducted on living animals have found that the cannabinoids found in THC, one of the hundreds of active cannabinoids in cannabis, can eliminate cancer cells. However, these benefits can only be experienced if marijuana is ingested orally and not smoked.

Smoking does not make it possible to reach the clinical level required to achieve this effect, but highly concentrated oils can give you the recommended dosage even in a few drops. Most people prefer to use the oils with food such as salads, toast, and brownies because the oils don’t really taste appetizing.

A Few Side Notes

In states where cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical purposes, employers may still require you to pass workplace drug tests. If you are using medical marijuana, your employer may ask if you have hits for cannabis, but you don’t have to reveal your exact medical condition. Know your rights and those of your employer to avoid legal squabbles.

Moreover, the use of medical cannabis does seem promising, but the field of cannabis studies is still very young, so more research needs to be done on marijuana’s medicinal properties. Aside from that, your body’s drug tolerance and preexisting conditions may have an effect on how you feel after eating or using marijuana.







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