Flower Friday Farm Feature: Master Gardens’ Farmers

As you may recall from our Flower Friday Farm Feature post from last week that the second post of the series is a feature on the farmers themselves.  In this movement and industry, the people who are behind the cultivation of the flower itself are key in helping turn the big wheel forward to set standards for high quality flower as well as to end cannabis prohibition in this country.

The faces behind Master Gardens  (MG) are no exception to this.

From using a soil-less mix with cutting edge solutions in conjunction with microbial teas with lots of infusions, to playing around with trials for lighting sources and strains, these growers strive to produce quality product and also to be stewards of the industry through their work.

Here is a little bit of background about each of them, as well as their favorite strains and grow tips:

Name:  Josh Munk

Title:  Founding Partner

How long with MG:  Since before the beginning (3+years)

joJosh super stoked for some killer outdoor product.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

“I love being a part of pushing the industry forward and helping to pioneer agricultural techniques to help direct our industry towards best management practices.  I enjoy the people and the culture and I love our community.”

What’s your favorite MG strain and why?

“I really like the Blueberry X Northern Lights #5 .  It has a very nice high: cerebral and body, and the flowers are gorgeous.  It also has a wonderful OG and earthy taste/smell with subtly fruity hints. ”

What’s you’re #1 grow tip to a new grower?

“Consistent attention to details.  Staying diligent when things are going great and not getting complacent.  Keep an open mind and never stop learning.  There are so many “expert” or “master” growers in our industry, and it is important to always be open to new ideas or techniques and to remember that we are only as good as our last harvest.”

Name: Jake Davis

Title: Founding partner

How long with MG: All my life or 3 years

Jake and Josh tabling at a cannabis event in Portland.Jake and Josh tabling at a cannabis event in Portland.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

“Cannabis cultivating is very gratifying for me. It’s almost therapeutic. I develop a symbiotic relationship with the plants. They need me and I need them. Besides that, I love working with the people in cannabis. There is so much creativity buzzing around and the industry is evolving so fast, and that is just a lot of fun to be a part of. ”

What’s your favorite MG strain and why?

“Chemdawg 92.  It has traveled with me since 2004 and has never let me down.”

What’s you’re #1 grow tip to a new grower?

“Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. People have been doing this for thousands of years with dirt, water, and sun. ”

Name:  Michael Edgerton

Title:  Garden Manager, Horticulturist

How long with MG:  22 months

Mike working hard in the veg room.Mike working hard in the veg room.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

“I love working with phenotypes of F1 generation seeds.  The variability in seeds with F1’s allows the grower to pick the traits he/she desires.”

What’s your favorite MG strain and why?

“Santa Cruz Haze because it favors the sativa side and I love growing sativa dominant strains; fast growth with substantial yields.  End flowers have a nice fruity smell with a heavy yield.”

What’s you’re #1 grow tip to a new grower?

“There isn’t really a secret sauce or nutrient that will give you the supposed increase in yield if you are already feeding with a balanced nutrient program.  Focus rather on note taking with pictures because after a few harvests, there is no way to differentiate harvest without notes and pictures.  I take notes on everything.”

Look for our strain review featuring a strain from MG next Friday in the 3rd and final post of this first Flower Friday Farm Feature series.

Learn more about Master Gardens here:






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