How Joe Biden’s Cannabis Plan will Ruin the Industry

How Joe Biden’s Cannabis Plan will Ruin the Industry

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With the 2020 Presidential elections looming on the horizon. We’ll be hearing our favorite silver-tongued reality stars, or presidential candidates if we’re being “politically correct” about it, make promises to the nation about how they will reform cannabis.

While we’ll have plenty of time to analyze each proposal with the passing of time, Joe Biden who is a potential contender for the “Iron Throne” already gave us some indication of what he wants to do.

Old “get-close-to-me-and-I’ll-fondle-you” Joe has not been a proponent of legalization for the vast majority of his political career. He not only wore the “Say no to drugs” hat, but he also joined the club and campaigned for stricter enforcement guidelines that placed millions of people in prison for things like having cannabis at the wrong time and the wrong place.

Now, with the political environment reeking of the dank odor of cannabis, Joe can no adopt the “Fuck you stoner” approach to cannabis. Nay, legalization is the term of the season and if you don’t have a plan, people will not vote for you.

Why? Because the vast majority of the country is “tits up for weed”. People are tired of the ineffective drug war and want to see it end. Cannabis is the first “brick in the wall” that will officially signal the “beginning of the end of the War on Drugs”.

Oh, but Joe’s got a plan!

So what exactly is Joe “I’ve-got-a-black-friend” Biden has to circumvent this problem? When you have legalization, decriminalization, and de-scheduling as your options, you have to choose carefully.

Full-scale legalization would mean that Joe would have to betray his supporters. Those who line Joe’s pockets with fat Dolla bills, will not be too happy about the proposal to legalize cannabis (fully). Most of Biden’s money comes from Law firms and requires the senator to maintain a hardline opposition to “crime” and everything associated with it.

Considering that hundreds of thousands of people are still being arrested in the U.S due to some of Biden’s laws, cannabis is still tainted with the scent of criminality – at least to his supporters.

Decriminalization is also not an option for Biden mainly because the people won’t accept it. The option of decriminalization is officially “off the books” with flourishing micro-markets within individual states. All of this despite the currently federally illegal status of cannabis.

That only leaves Joe with de-scheduling. Biden proposes to “legalize” cannabis by lowering its current Schedule-I status to Schedule-II.

On the books, weed becomes legal. But Schedule-II will be the end of the cannabis industry as we know it.

Welcome to Pharmatown, where we own all the weed and FUCK YOU!

That’s right, Schedule II substances are primarily managed by big pharma. Here we have substances like Adderall, fentanyl, cocaine and so forth. While these substances can be “legally sold”, they go through rigorous regulatory processes that are insanely expensive.

Currently, there are only a handful of cannabis companies that would be able to comply with FDA regulations, meaning that every one that is currently selling to you – would not.

Essentially, the only place you’d be able to buy weed would be with a prescription from a doctor and in a pharmacy. The weed you’d be smoking is shwaggy government weed that would probably be modified over the years.

Schedule II is the worst thing that can happen to the cannabis industry. We do not want Federally controlled weed, we want them to back the fuck up. We want the feds to stop interfering at every corner and allow the industry to grow, mature and become safe and consistent. We want to eradicate the unnecessary imprisonment of people over the possession or transport of a plant.

We want the senseless War on Drugs to end. And this will not occur under a Schedule II ruling. The black market will retake its former position and we’d be back to square one.

Biden is old school

As I wind this article to its inevitable end, there is one more point I’d like to make. Joe Biden is a dinosaur. He’s an old school politician with old school ideas. He is not able to fathom the complexity of modern society. He still clings to his ideals and while he hopes to project an image of “old Uncle Joe”, the truth of the matter is that his lack of vision and allegiance to the “old ways” should be reason enough for people to not consider him for president.

I personally don’t think he will have a chance to win, however, if by any means he pulls it off…just be sure to fight him tooth and nail on his proposed plan for cannabis. No matter what the silver-tongued devils will promise you if they want to go Schedule II – Fuck’em!







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