How to Find Weed in Any City on the Planet

How to Find Weed in Any City on the Planet


Tommy Chong once said, “Drugs don’t kill you man…it’s looking for drugs that kills ya!” For many stoners that have moved to new city or even country, the search for a viable hookup is a dangerous quest. This is especially true when you’re moving into a 420-unfriendly zone.

If you moved to a state that has all the legal avenues for buying weed, you don’t need to read this article. However, let’s say you’re traveling to another country and are looking to score.

This article is designed just for you. Today, we’ll be going over the principles of tracking down a solid bag of reefer in any city on the planet!

Find the Stoner Watering Holes!

It’s already difficult to adjust to a new city and new dynamics when you’re moving or traveling. There’s a lot of anxiety surrounding the brisk and sudden change. Not having weed makes it infinitely more unpleasant.

Sitting there ‘high and dry’, you start wondering on how you would track down some good weed. You could wander the streets and yell out “WEED!” like a mad-person. Or, you could go down to places where stoners tend to be at.

What are these places?

  • Headshops
  • College Cafes (or just colleges)
  • Live Music Events
  • Etc.

If you’re new to a town, going to these type of establishments is key to tracking down a stoner. Once you found a stoner, you’ll be one step closer to finding weed.

How to Approach a Stoner in the Wild!

You’ve gone and visited the local stoner-watering holes and identified a few potential stoners. You might not have had the courage to approach them yet, however you are 90% certain that your target smokes weed. Now what?

The Direct Approach The First thing you could do is simply ask them if they know where you can find some decent bud. Tell them a bit of why you’re in town, that you’re new and like to smoke every now and then. Let them become empathetic to your cause. They know how it’s like to not have weed. If you have the ability to be a bit humorous, it’s a plus. In all likeliness, they will offer you a solution to your cannabis famine.

The Subtle Approach Let’s say that you’re not entirely confident in simply asking strangers for weed, you could approach the problem with a bit more stealth. This is an old stoner tactic that has worked for generations. I call it the “I remember when strategy”.

Essentially, you still will need to engage with your potential stoner target. However, instead of asking for weed directly, you talk about “the times you got high”. You tell them some of your more whacky cannabis experiences. “I remember when I used to smoke weed and would down a full gallon of chocolate milk…” Just some random things that will paint a picture in the mind of your “stoner target” that you are not a narc.

You have to remember; every stoner is just as paranoid as you. They don’t want to be hustled in by law enforcement. By using this subtler approach of “fishing”, the stoner feels more comfortable and they start building rapport and trust.

Simply repeating this strategy enough will provide you with enough trust-over-time for the “target stoner” to offer you some bud. If they don’t offer you any bud, just before you exit the conversation, end it off with “man, I would love to smoke a bowl right now…but seeing that I’m new here, I don’t know anybody. You know of anything or anyone that can help me?”

By this time, you should have garnered enough trust to get a straight answer.

Tapping into the Taxi

Another stellar way to start tracking down weed are through local taxis. You’d be surprised to see how connected those guys are.

Furthermore, seeing that you’ll never see the guy again…the risk of getting busted is incredibly low. You might get ripped off, however that’s just money…not your freedom.

Taxis usually can point you in the right direction or even hook you up directly. This is a temporary solution because they also tend to overcharge. You’ll do this maybe once or twice, but then you’d need to track down a real stoner to hook you up with fire!

For those hardcore stoners!

This final strategy is not meant for those who don’t like risk. I don’t even do this [even though I have in the past]. By asking around, you’ll quickly learn “which neighborhoods to stay away from”. Why, because of crime, drugs and violence.

Low-income neighborhoods always have weed. It might not be the best on the market, but if you scratch around in the shady part of town, someone is bound to come up to you and ask you if you need weed or not.

If you do decide to take this risk, don’t take anything you are too fond of. You might get jacked.

I still prefer the watering hole approach, as this has worked for me every single time I traveled to a new country or city.

It takes balls to track down weed in a strange town…but hopefully this mini-guide gave you some insight on where to start your quest.

Hope you track down your baggy soon! Let me know if any of these worked out for you…







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