Is the FBI Sticking Their Nose into the Cannabis Industry Good News or Bad News?

FBI Looking to Snuff Out “Public Corruption” within the Cannabis Industry

FBI cannabis industry

The FBI recently released a minute and a half sound bit where they are talking about the potential for “public corruption” within the cannabis industry. What this refers to is public officials taking bribes for giving out licenses.

The statement was met with opposing views. On one hand, some people applauded the FBI for making sure that the cannabis industry won’t go corrupt. Other believe it’s an unfair scrutiny on the cannabis industry ultimately trying to stifle legalization efforts.

Both view points have merit. On one hand, if the FBI is interested in ensuring that the “game is fair”, then it’s a good thing. Currently, in decentralized systems, in other words, systems where local governments have the right to dispense licenses, some fees can reach up to the half a million marker.

The average Joe and Jane aren’t sitting on a half a million dollars to buy a right to play the cannabis game. If this is where the FBI wants to focus their attention to, then in my books it isn’t a bad thing. The problem with high fees for licensing is that it stifles competition.

If the politicians that benefited from prohibition are now holding the keys to the industry, there should be some regulation on their activities. It shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to participate. Compared to alcohol, to get a “micro-brewer’s bond” from the Federal government costs you $ 1000. The state may have some additional fees, however it would hardly exceed $ 10,000 as a total.

How then can getting a license to grow cannabis cost up to $ 500,000 USD? That’s a ridiculous price point that needs to be corrected. It should not cost the average citizen more than it would cost to get a Micro-Brewer’s bond to be sanctioned as a grower.

However, while cannabis still remains illegal on a federal level, there will be this kind of inflation within decentralized systems. Over time, the market will reduce those prices, however if we’re talking about “equal opportunity”, the current system only caters to the wealthy.

If the FBI is placing unfair scrutiny

In the case that the FBI is doing this just to mess with the industry, then it’s not a bad thing either. It would mean that the cannabis industry is formed through all levels of scrutiny. Once it goes fully legal, many of the “kinks” would be worked out.

Of course, this places more strain on an already strained industry, however, the bulk of this strain would fall on regulators. The FBI isn’t looking for corruption within the growers, suppliers and so forth. Rather, government officials that would inflate licenses for personal gain.

The additional scrutiny will allow the industry to find an actionable median, where the cost of license acquisition is not inflated to impossible levels.

Cannabis should be accessible to all

Currently, cannabis isn’t in the same space as alcohol. However, considering that alcohol is far more dangerous as a recreational substance than alcohol, it should be easier to get a license to brew your own beer than it should be to get a license to grow your weed.

The thing about the current cannabis industry is that regulators want a slice of the pie. They are desperately trying to figure out ways they can siphon money from the industry into their pockets. We frequently read about people trying to make the cannabis market “diverse” yet make it nearly impossible for “diversity” to invest by exuberant fees.

Furthermore, by doing this they bully out the craft niche by giving bigger corporate entities a head start in terms of Research and Development.

We know that cannabis won’t be legalized on a federal level until after the 2020 Presidential Elections. Right now, politicians will be promising legalization, however, irrespective of who wins, it’s time that national pressure is placed on Congress to end prohibition once and for all.

The problems with “Public Corruption” doesn’t stem from cannabis, but rather the system that prohibits it. Now, due to the scarcity of legitimate suppliers, those with money can “buy their way in” keeping the average Joe and Jane sitting on the bench until they are established.

We need to give every person the opportunity to utilize this plant, at their capacity, to grow a business by making the process simple and cost effective in terms of license acquisition. This of course, only if you’re considering to “sell” cannabis and related products.

If you’re growing for personal reasons, then you should ask no permission whatsoever and simply do it. This is a human right that has been violated for far too long and if the government doesn’t want to play ball, then it’s up to the citizenry to defy the unjust laws in unison. In other words, it’s time to let grandma start growing some pot.







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