Marijuana Tea and How To Make It Taste Great

Marijuana Tea: Benefits and How To Make It

Smoking pot isn’t the only way you can enjoy the delicious buzz of cannabis, while benefiting from its medicinal properties. Marijuana tea is an alternative method of consuming marijuana, which traces its roots back to ancient Indian and Jamaican society. These communities have long been aware of the healthy benefits of cannabis, which has been ingrained in their local traditions. Indian and Jamaican women also drink marijuana tea to relieve them of pregnancy-related stress and morning sickness. Aside from its medicinal properties, different cultures around the world consume cannabis in team form in order to obtain its hallucinogenic properties in a more palatable manner.

Smoking pot isn’t the ideal way to consume cannabis, and for those who prefer not to smoke or eat it, marijuana tea makes a great alternative. But since the active ingredients in marijuana are also absorbed in the digestive system just like with edibles, the hit does take a while to arrive but when it does, it will last much longer. Because the effects of marijuana in tea form last much longer, this makes it suitable for the treatment of serious or chronic diseases such as cancer-related pain, arthritis, nausea,  and multiple sclerosis.

The high you’ll get from marijuana tea can come anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes after consumption although the buzz is milder compared to edibles. If you have a higher body mass, it will take you longer to feel its effects as compared to people with a lower body mass.  Your preferred method of consuming cannabis can change over time as well.

Marijuana Tea Dosage

Just like with other forms of marijuana edibles, it will require some trial and error on your part to find the right dose. The general rule of thumb is to always start with a small dose, especially if you’re a newbie to edibles or ingesting marijuana. We recommend slowly taking a few sips of half a cup a day first. Standard users can drink one cup per day.


You can choose to make marijuana tea with different parts of the plant:

Buds: strongest (use ½ gram)

Leaves: strong (1 or 2 grams)

Stems: mildest  (1 or 2 grams)

Simmer your chosen marijuana parts with a fat of your choice (½ or 1 teaspoon of virgin coconut oil, ghee/clarified butter, or butter) in 1.5 cups of water on high heat and remove once boiled.

Once done, you can make the tea more flavorful by adding a teabag of your favorite tea, or by adding some honey, milk, or sugar.


? If you opt for cannabis buds, don’t forget to grind them before simmering. Separate the stems which you can use to make a mild cup of tea later on.

? Try to have each marijuana part covered in your chosen fat before simmering.

? Use a strainer to remove the remaining particles before drinking it.

Have you ever tried marijuana tea before? What was your experience like?

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