Meditation And Yoga With Marijuana – Talking To God

Cannabis and Spirituality: Hotline To The Gods

Getting high can be the stairway to heaven. In this article we’ll explore the links between cannabis and spirituality.

We all smoke for different reasons: to unwind after a long day, as a way of celebrating something good, for social reasons, for video games, for more enjoyable sex, for medicine, and many more.

But for some of us, we like how marijuana can heal our spirits.

Being a psychoactive drug, cannabis has been used since antiquity as a spiritual tool. Its ability to alter one’s consciousness in a way that no other plant or modern drug can has made it valuable for individuals seeking to connect to the “source”, “universe”, “God”, or divine being called by numerous other names around the world. Many of the world’s greatest cultures have turned to cannabis as a hotline to the gods; a means of connecting with the otherworldly and receiving messages from above.

There is no doubt that when used correctly, it can deliver an enlightening experience for the user. The heightened sense of awareness brought about by getting high with this unique plant enables users to see and think about things from a different perspective.

For many ancient cultures, marijuana was viewed as much more than simply a medicinal plant.

Some viewed it as a gift from the Gods and in fact the basis of several religions emerged because someone really smart and wise consumed pot and entered another world; a state of mind that enabled him to think more clearly about religion and life on earth. Shamans, for example, continue to use plants to communicate with spirits or their ancestors. Using the psychoactive or hallucinogenic properties of a plant is one way by which shamans lift their own consciousness to better receive messages from spirits.  This is why marijuana is perceived as a sacred medium.

Pot is still widely used today for this very same reason. While there is nothing wrong with reflecting on things while sober, marijuana’s effect on the brain opens up new channels of thought by which we can think about things and this way of thinking has been used by millions of people as a means of communicating with the divine.

Meditation And Yoga With Marijuana

I won’t be getting too technical here, but I’d like to share with you how you can expand your consciousness by smoking or ingesting cannabis. If you are already established a meditation practice without the use of pot, that’s great! But if you want to try taking it one step up, try meditating with marijuana.

Some practitioners of meditation such as myself, believe that marijuana and mary jane truly go hand in hand. The primary goal of meditation is to combine the body and soul anyway, and getting stoned before your practice can decrease resistance, relax you, and put you in the state of mind that will enable blissful meditation. If you are like me and your mind is constantly bombarded by worries and anxieties, pot can definitely help whether you are in it for the spiritual practice or not. I find that getting high prior to meditation lets me release my negative thoughts and it provides me relief from stress, especially knowing that I can direct my thoughts to the intentions I’ve set for my meditation. My intentions can vary depending on what I am goingthrough at that time; sometimes I wish for clarity from a certain problem, inner peace, finding an answer, or simply just getting back in tune with myself after a super hectic week at work.

When it comes to yoga, I’ve noticed that a few small hits before class makes me more responsive to the poses and mental direction that the teacher is asking for. For the physical aspect, I find that pot’s pain-relieving properties help me get into deeper poses because my muscles are more relaxed. The mental clarity that it provides also helps me better empty my mind and focus so much better on the pose and on being present; the same way that it does when I am meditating. I know I’m not alone, as many yoga students and meditation practitioners around the globe continue this sacred tradition of using the herb as a tool in going deeper into spiritual practice.

Have you ever tried getting stoned to facilitate a spiritual practice? How did you feel?

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