Poll: Marijuana Reform Is More Popular Than Uber And Airbnb

I know A LOT of people that have been going through Airbnb for all of their vacation rentals. I know even more people that have been using Uber for all of their taxi-type needs. Both companies are very popular right now, and growing in popularity every day. NBC News and the Wall Street Journal released the results of a poll they conducted which asked many questions, one of which asked people about their support for relaxing marijuana laws, and another of which asked how people felt about Airbnb and Uber (they lumped them together). The results are below, which show which percentage of respondents felt these things were ‘a step in the right direction’:

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I would have expected the results to actually show higher support for both questions, but it’s worth nothing that 20% of respondents felt that relaxing marijuana laws made no difference, and that 30% felt that the question about Airbnb and Uber didn’t make any difference. Only 30% of respondents felt that relaxing marijuana laws was a step in the wrong direction.

My experiences with Airbnb and Uber have all been positive. Whether or not you want to use those companies yourself, I’ll leave that up to you. Every experience I’ve ever had with marijuana was positive, which the exception of any interactions with law enforcement. Marijuana is not harmful, but marijuana prohibition is. Legalize it!

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