The Cannabis Reset – The 5 Step Process to Lowering Anxiety and Stress in Your Life

The Cannabis Reset – The 5 Step Process to Lowering Anxiety and Stress in Your Life

cannabis for a life reset

We are living in a world where we get to see “everything that goes wrong” with society. Every single day you are being bombarded with ideas about what the world is, filling your head with anxiety, frustration and anger.

Social Media acts as a social badge of “wokeness” based on the amount of “problems you share in the world”. We get bombarded about the state of our environment, our current geo-political climate, racism, sexism, discrimination and a slew of other things on a consistent level.

We are taught to care about these things because, “it’s important!” After all, empathy is a characteristic of being human, so “caring” is pretty much the default setting. However, we don’t really care about the shit we claim to care about.

In many instances, when we are presented with “opposing views” we shut down and stick to our arguments as opposed to opening up a dialogue and discovering truth together. We become so comfortable in our ways of thinking that we equate it with the very definition of who we are.

Therefore, we battle and rage, we argue and shit post in order to solidify our own identities in the very causes we defend. “I’m an activist!”

However, for the vast majority of the things we claim to fight for, we have absolutely no power in changing anything. Can you stop massive corporations from utilizing eco-disastrous methods of production? Can you eradicate the gigantic lobbies that spend billions annually to maintain the status quo?

Theoretically – yes! But in practice, we often find that in order to mobile billions of individuals is far more difficult than anticipated. And thus, due to our inability to “do anything” about the causes we care about, we become angry, bitter and frustrated.

That’s why today we’re doing a piece on “How to use Cannabis Properly to Not Give a Shit about things you can’t change”.

Step 1 – Smoking some Cannabis

The next time you are online scrolling through the infinite media feet on your favorite social platform, and you happen upon something that (angers, frustrates, offends) you; stop reading and spark up a bowl.

Simply step away from the article and take a minute to enjoy cannabinoids coursing through your body. The first step in not giving a shit about things you can’t change is to stop engaging with things that you can change. Rather smoke a bowl.

Step 2 – Realize your own effectiveness

Now that you have had a chance to cool off and not engage emotionally with the content, you may re-engage if you choose. I wouldn’t, but some people might.

Before re-engaging with the content, accept the fact that you are not reading because of “activism” or any other ism you’d like to adorn your ego with, but rather, you’re simply curious. Accept that whatever information is being streamed into your consciousness is simply that – information. Neither good nor bad.

Distance yourself from your emotions, start reading it critically. You are the major component in your own offence/frustration, when you can remove your ego from the equation, things become easier to digest.

Step 3 – Realize we’re all fallible

While you’re reading or engaging with your content, understand that as you are fallible, so is everyone else. A concept or a belief held by someone else is entirely their business. Whether you believe in it or not is irrelevant.

Anyone has the freedom to believe anything they want unless their beliefs translate into actions that limits the freedoms of others.

When you realize that perception is subjective, you’ll understand that “everyone’s wrong!” Including you.

Step 4 – Understand your place of power

Now, as the cannabis has settled within your body, revert your attention away from the content and look at your surroundings. Look as far as your eyes can see and your ears can hear. THIS – is your domain!

This is the place where you have power. In the “now” and in the “near” is the only place that people have actually any real influence. If injustices occur within your “now and here”, then it is your duty to intervene if you truly believe in the causes you claim to believe in.

If you see racism on the streets, do you whip out your phone to film like a shrill, or do you intervene and help create peace? Often times, people pull out their phone because – Ego!

Step 5 – Forget everything that you can’t change and focus on what you can

When you understand that anything you read and any cause you think is worthy, means nothing without action. There are many people that claim to be religious, yet end up molesting children. What you claim to be your belief and what you actually do are typically not on par.

People like to inflate the concept of self to others. They claim to be “social justice warriors” or “eco warriors” and all these other labels, but are limited to simply sharing posts or writing a long nasty response to other people.

This isn’t activism. The only real things you can change, are the things immediately around you. Your life, your situation, your house, your economy, your health. Everything else is not your problem.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t empathize with other people, but you need to understand that you can’t save the world. You can only save “your world” and that is what more people should do.

So the next time, when you’re sitting there about hulk out…remember to smoke a bowl, relax and understand that it’s not on you to save everyone else. Smoke some weed, do some inner soul searching and find something “to do” that aligns with your beliefs and creates actual change in your “here and now”.







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